5 Common E-bike Problems You Will Not Have on Honbike

5 Common E-bike Problems You Will Not Have on Honbike

You may only enjoy your electric bike when all its elements and parts are in good condition and functioning correctly. Maintaining an E-bike is a regular duty for every rider; however, this could be challenging, especially if you are a new E-biker.

Electric bikes are intelligent inventions and would require you to properly understand their working parts to care for them the right way. Some problems may arise in the long run, but luckily, it is not every issue with your E-bike that indicates a major problem. Most times, simple DIY maintenance is everything you need.

Resolving the common E-bike problems yourself can be a lifesaver considering the fact that most electric bike users do not reside close to an E-bike service station or outlet.

As an emerging comapny focusing on easy urban riding, Honbike is aware of these tough situations and aims to solve your travel & riding problem with advanced technology. Meet Honbike, you will avoid some common e-bike problems as following:






Problem 1: Broken Chains

Every cyclist must have encountered a bicycle chain breakage, which is a very troublesome problem, especially for commuters, who not only have to face the dirty chain, but also face the problem of being late for work. risk. Many women and novice cyclists don't even know what to do with it.

However, you can now completely get rid of this problem. With our patented Monotork shaft drive system, Honbike has achieved a safe and reliable chainless design, making your riding journey will be easy and hassle-free. Moreover, our HF01 is also a folding electric bike. Although it is heavier than the traditional foldable bicycle, we are equipped with smart drive technology to escort your riding safety.


Problem 2: Motor

Hub motors power E-bikes; hub motor noise is a major problem with most electric bikes. Hub motor issues occur when the gears, bearings, or disk brake are already sapped. Occasionally, hub motor noise may arise from a loose bolt, and simply tightening the loose part or replacing the old parts can fix the problem. However, if the noise persists after replacement, it could result from friction in the motor bearings and would need a lubricant.

Honbike HF01 is powered by a 250W front hub motor activated by a three-sensor system. We have installed the motor for the customer when it leaves the factory, and the built-in motor wire is usually not loose, which avoids the situation that the motor does not work during the riding process.

Problem 3: Battery

The heart of your electric bike is the battery, and it is the most prone to damage due to misuse and its operating conditions. Another factor that could lead to a battery problem is the accumulation of moisture in the battery slot due to the method you employ when washing your electric bicycle.

In addition, the mode of charging your e-bike battery also affects the battery lifespan. Overcharging and undercharging your E-bike is not a good way of maintaining your bike, and this could aggregate to a major problem within a short time.

Many riders usually leave their electric bike uncharged for a longer period before charging. Sometimes, some electric bike functions that drain the battery are left ON, causing the battery to discharge and drain to a point where it becomes fatally damaged. Extreme weather conditions can also affect the power, efficiency, and battery life of your two-wheeler.

To troubleshoot and prevent problems with your battery, it is crucial you remove the battery from its slot before washing and ensure that your electric bike is properly dried and there is no moisture in the battery slot before inserting your battery. Honbike HF01's battery is located in the center of the frame, making it lightweight and easy to remove. You can always charge your battery on hand.

Problem 4: Pedal Assist

There could be a shift in the magnetic sensors that control the torque sensation and pedal-assist in your electric bike. The sensors are located in the front sprocket. An unintentional change in the pedals, wheels, sprockets, and derailleurs may stimulate the displacement of magnets that aids your E-bike sensing, eventually affecting the bike's efficient functioning.

Electric bikes have distinct pedal-assist mechanisms built according to the manufacturers' preferences. Honbike electric bikes are designed with a tri-sensor pedal to assist, making it easy to monitor each level of pedal assist you are riding on. Once familiar with its mechanics, you will quickly determine the correct torque induction while riding the bike. Thanks to smart riding technology, Honbike will automatically adjust the level of pedal assist for your ride.


Problem 5: Wiring and Connections

When riding an e-bike on bumpy terrain, the excessive pressure and vibration encountered can loosen some wires and connections. This can sometimes cause your e-bike to malfunction or render it completely inoperable.

Riding an e-bike on terrain it wasn't designed for can cause these problems. It is important that you check and understand the external wiring of your e-bike frequently to make sure they are connected in the correct places.

The Honbike HF01 adopts a minimalist design, with only 57 parts. Our engineers and designers have integrated most of the cables that are easy to tangle. Therefore, you will hardly encounter the problem of loose cables, and your riding will be free of sudden troubles.



As E-bikes keep evolving and are taking over the electric vehicle market, users are faced with little or no experience regarding the advanced mechanism of operating these two-wheelers. In addition, maintenance is of paramount importance, so we have provide every riders with 40000KM+ maintenance-free service. 

Also, we have attached instructional manuals on our site so users can effectively understand the workings of each component and manage their E-bike effectively. Contact us for further inquiries and assistance.

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