Shipping Info

Shipping Destination

  • Uni4. provides Free Shipping to the US. Click here to view EU & UK shipping policy.
    • For shipping to the United States, we provide free shipping to the lower 48 states shipped from our US warehouses.
      • (Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico are not included currently, once available, we'll let you know.)
      • We don't provide shipping services to PO BOXES or APO.
    • For shipping to Canada, shipping fee is needed for an e-bike package shipped from our US warehouses.

Ground Day & Order Tracking

  • For product in stock, we'll arrange shipment the next business day after your order were placed successfully. It may take 4-10 business days to be delivered.
  • Uni4. is cooperating with multi-carriers to ensure a better shipping experience, such as FedEx/UPS, etc.
  • A shipping/tracking number confirmation email will be sent to your email address once the shipment begins.
  • You can track your shipping number on the carrier's website for further information. If your package has been signed, but you haven't received it, please call your local carrier first to check the package situation, and feel free to contact us to get support at

Shipping Changes & Order Cancellation

  • Before the tracking number provided
    • No charge fee for address changes or order cancellation before we provide you with the tracking number.
    • 10% processing fee is needed for order cancellation or address modification after the tracking number was provided, but not pick up by carriers.
  • After the tracking number provided
    • 20% processing fee is needed for order cancellation or address changes after the tracking number was provided.
    • 20% restocking fee will be charged if you reject the package.

For more shipping information, please contact to get support. Uni4. support team will get back to you within 12 hours.