Warranty Policy



The Manufacturer provides the following warranties in respect of the Products:

  • A product warranty of 24 months including the Frame battery, Front fork and Handlebar, excluding wear and tear items such as tyres and inner tubes and other consumables deemed quick-wear parts (the “Consumables”) (the “Product Warranty”); and
  • A free remote support service of software via (the “Software Warranty”);and
  • All plastic parts including the front and rear mudguards /fenders plate are not within warranty except for DOA(dead on arrival)


Warranty Period. 


 The Warranty shall start from commencing date of lease or date of sale, relevant copy of lease agreement, sales invoice is required when claiming warranty service. In the case where proof of lease, sales invoice or proof of purchase is not available, Honbike shall deem the date exactly 3(three) months after manufacture date manifested on the frame number as de-facto date of sale.


Warranty Claim.


So long as the product is within warranty period, and has been properly deployed, used, and maintained under normal conditions and for the purpose in which the product was designed, Customer has the right to avail warranty service support from the distributor or its authorized service provider for manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship of the product. If a customer chooses to return the product to us, HONBIKE only covers the initial delivery at purchase .(from HONBIKE to the customer, excluding dead on arrival)

The Distributor and Honbike shall verify the claims according to set service procedures and guide Customer properly and in a timely manner. For the diagnostic in-warranty claims, Honbike shall provide warranty parts(s) free of charge and provide necessary remote, service center repair or onsite service and guidance to the Distributor and customer to ensure closure of in-warranty cases appropriately and punctually.


Cancellation Rights.


a. The Customer has the right to cancel the Contract (and thus the Subscription) within a cancellation period of 14 days following the date on which the bike is delivered, without having to give reasons.

b. To exercise these cancellation rights, the Customer must notify Honbike clearly, in writing (by letter or e-mail) or via the Web Portal of their wish to cancel the Contract (and thus the Subscription)--- European union guidelines


European union guidelines


Dead on arrival


  1. The Client shall be obliged to carefully inspect the Products immediately upon arrival at their destination or to have these examined upon receipt by any third party acting at its instructions, whichever is earlier. Honbike must be informed in writing to support@honbike.com of any complaints in respect of defects to the Products or any discrepancies in quantity, weight or quality between the Products supplied and the specification thereof in the relevant order confirmation or invoice no later than within five (5) calendar days after the receipt of the Products. The notification of the Client must at least give a clear and precise description of the complaints in respect of defects invoked by the Client, but preferably contains pictures of the defect The Client must notify Honbike of defects that could not in reason have been discovered within the above mentioned period in writing immediately after discovery, but in any case no later than within 7 (seven) calendar days of the receipt of the Products. Notification of consumable parts damages can only be accepted by Honbike before use of the Product. Should the Client fail to inform Honbike within the above mentioned term, its rights to exercise any of its rights with regard to such irregularity or defect have lapsed.




This warranty does not cover any Customer induced damages nor any of the following conditions, however, paid services are available.

Not originally purchased from HONBIKE, second-hand, or cannot provide the original proof of purchase

  • Beyond the warranty period.
  • Non-Honbike official warranty commitments.
  • Natural wear and tear, damage due to improper care (accident, misuse,
  • Failure to use and maintain the product according to Honbike instructions that lead to damage or malfunction, such as use under extreme temperatures or circumstances, use of non-Honbike parts, peripherals, or recommended software, etc.
  • Modification, refitting, rooting and competing and other human behavior, which are not in accordance with Honbike instructions, that causes damage.


Liability; Assumption of Risk


a.Honbike strongly recommends that the Customer wear a safety certified bicycle helmet that has been properly sized, fitted, and fastened, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In New York State, all bicyclists under the age of 14 years old are required to wear safety certified bicycle helmets when they are operators or passengers on bicycles.  Wearing a safety certified bicycle helmet, properly sized, fitted, and fastened, while cycling may protect against an injury or may lessen the severity of an injury caused by an impact to the head; however, bicycle helmets are not 100% effective, do not protect against all head injuries, and do not protect against other injuries. HONBIKE AND ANY OF ITS AFFILIATES DO NOT REPRESENT OR WARRANT THE QUALITY OR SAFETY CHARACTERISTICS OF ANY HELMET, AND THE CUTOMER AGREES THAT HONBIKE AND IT’S AFFILAITES ARE NOT LIABLE FOR ANY INJURY SUFFERED BY THE CUSTOMER WHILE RIDING A BICYCLE, WHETHER OR NOT THE CUSTOMER IS WEARING A HELMET AT THE TIME OF INJURY. THE CUSTOMER ASSUMES ALL RISK OF NOT WEARING A HELMET OR OTHER PROTECTIVE CLOTHING AND GEAR. The Customer agrees that, when riding a Bicycle, the Customer might need to take additional safety measures and precautions that are not specifically addressed in these Terms and Conditions.

b.“Affiliates” means, collectively, (i) Honbike and all its and their owners, managers, affiliates, employees, agents, representatives, successors, and assignees.


Epidemic Failure.  


 If a Distributor or a customer find that the Products delivered during warranty period experience any homogeneous material failure occurring on more than 3 units in a row, it will notify Honbike immediately without delay. Honbike will then validate the cause of non-conformance and work with the Distributor to develop a mutually agreed corrective action plan and will implement that plan to correct the defect. Honbike will provide the Distributor and customers with regular progress reports of the corrective action until the defect is corrected. Furthermore, Honbike shall perform all necessary rework or replacement of the defective Products.


Charges for Honbike non-warranty or on-site service. 


Please contact our support team via HONBIKE Support <support@honbike.com>

or the store you purchased your Honbike from.

  • Labor Cost: Per Honbike service plan
  • Material Cost: As Per the part list
  • Honbike-care service combo packages are available, and costs may vary.


Disclaimer of This Policy 


A. All Clauses may not remain valid in the event of any legal disputes of a Product’s property encumbrances or outstanding payments in between the Customer and the Distributor;


B. The manufacturer reserves the right to amend this policy at any time.


C. We take great care to provide visitors to our site with up to date, correct and comprehensive information. However, inaccuracies can still occur. Honbike is not liable for any damage resulting from visiting this site or for damages resulting from alteration, inaccuracy or omission in the information provided, including technical failures.


D. These warranty terms don’t cover all requirements and agreements between its customers and Honbike. For detailed Terms & Conditions, please contact us via support@honbike.com.