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The Basics about Electric Bike Motors

The Basics about Electric Bike Motors

The motor is the heart of an electric bike, they are typically located in the front or rear wheel hub, providing power to the wheels via a chain, belt or shaft drive. E-bike motors usually have a power output of 250 watts, they can be powered by either a battery pack or by pedalling the bicycle itself. Most electric bike motors are brushless DC (direct current) motors, meaning they have no moving parts and are very efficient.

How Electric Bike Motors Work?

Fundamentally speaking, electric motors translate electrical energy into mechanical energy. Electric bike motors work by providing power to the wheels of an electric bicycle. This power is provided by either a battery pack or pedalling the bicycle itself. 


Types of Electric Bike Motors

If you're interested in electric bikes, you've probably wondered about the different types of motors available. Here's a quick overview of the three most common types of electric bike motors.

Hub Motors

Hub motors are electric motors built into the hub of a bicycle wheel, and they offer several benefits over traditional electric bike setups as following:


Benefits of Hub Motors

There are several benefits to using hub motors on your e bike. One obvious benefit is that they make your bike much easier to convert to an electric setup. Instead of having to add a separate motor and battery pack to your bike, you can install a hub motor (or two) and be ready to go. This can save you time and money in the conversion process.


Another benefit of hub motors is that they tend to be much more efficient than traditional electric bike setups. This is because the motor is located closer to the ground, where it can take advantage of the bike's natural rolling resistance. This means you won't have to pedal as hard to get the same power from your hub motor, which can save you a lot of energy over long rides.


Finally, hub motors tend to be much quieter than traditional electric bike motors. This is partly due to their efficiency (since they don't have to work as hard), but it's also because they're enclosed within the wheel itself. This means that there's no need for loud motor housing or anything like that, which can make your electric bike much more pleasant to ride.


Mid-Drive Motors

A mid-drive motor is a type of electric bicycle motor located in the middle of the bike frame, near the bottom bracket. Mid-drive motors tend to be more powerful and efficient than other electric bicycle motors, making them ideal for use on hills or in different situations where extra power is needed.

Benefits of mid-drive motor

There are several reasons why you might want to choose a mid-drive motor for your electric bicycle. First, as mentioned above, mid-drive motors tend to be more powerful and efficient than other motors. This means you can ride faster with a mid-drive motor, and you'll have more help when climbing hills.


Another reason to choose a mid-drive motor is that they tend to be smaller and lighter than other types of motors. This can make your electric bicycle easier to ride and handle, especially if you're not used to riding an e-bike.


Finally, mid-drive motors tend to be more durable than electric bicycle motors. This means that they'll last longer and need less maintenance over time.


Rim Motors

If you're new to the world of electric bikes, you might wonder what the fuss is about rim motors. These powerful little motors can boost your bike, making pedalling up hills and powering through headwinds much easier. Here's a quick overview of how they work:

Rim motors are attached to the wheel rims of your bike and provide power by spinning the wheel as you pedal. This type of motor is usually more compact and lightweight than other e-bike motors, making it an excellent choice for riders looking to save on weight and space.

Rim motors typically offer two different power settings: "throttle mode" and "pedal assist." In throttle mode, the motor will provide power without any input from the rider (twist the throttle and go!), while pedal-assist mode offers a gentle boost of power that kicks in as you pedal.

The benefit of Rim Motors

One of the benefits of choosing a rim motor is that it can be easily swapped out if you ever decide to upgrade your bike. And since they're relatively small and lightweight, they won't add too much extra weight to your ride.

If you're considering adding an electric bike to your life, consider opting for a model with a rim motor. You won't be disappointed with the performance! 

The type of motor right for you depends on your budget, riding style, and preferences. Be sure to do your research before purchasing an electric bike to find the perfect motor for your needs!


How to Choose the Suitable Electric Bike Motor for Your Needs

Now that you know the basics of electric bike motors, it's time to start thinking about which one is right for you. Here are a few factors to consider:

The power of the motor

If you're looking for a motor that can give you a lot of power, you'll want to choose a larger one. On the other hand, if you're looking for something to help you get around town, then a 250w motor will suffice.

The type of terrain you'll be riding on

If you plan on riding on rough terrain, you'll need a motor to handle it. Conversely, if you only plan on riding flat surfaces, you won't need as much power.

Your budget

The price of the motor will be a factor in your decision. However, don't let price be the only thing you consider. Make sure to look at the features of each motor to see if it's worth the extra cost.

The warranty

When you're spending money on an electric bicycle, you want to ensure that it comes with a good warranty. This way, you won't have to pay for repairs out of your pocket if something goes wrong. 

Once you've considered all of these factors, you should know which electric bike motor is suitable. Just do your research and ensure you're getting the best possible deal.

Maintenance Tips for Your Electric Bike Motor

  • Regularly check and clean your motor's air intake and cooling fins to help prevent overheating.
  • If you ride in wet or muddy conditions, rinse off your motor afterwards to help prevent corrosion.
  • Keep an eye on the condition of your motor's battery pack and regularly clean the terminals to help ensure optimal performance.
  • If you notice any unusual sounds or vibrations coming from your motor, have it checked by a professional as soon as possible.
  • Always follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule for your particular motor.


Following these simple tips can help keep your electric bike motor running smoothly for years to come. If you have any further questions about motor maintenance, contact a qualified technician or your local bike shop.

5 Common E-bike Problems You Will Not Have on Honbike

5 Common E-bike Problems You Will Not Have on Honbike

You may only enjoy your electric bike when all its elements and parts are in good condition and functioning correctly. Maintaining an E-bike is a regular duty for every rider; however, this could be challenging, especially if you are a new E-biker.

Electric bikes are intelligent inventions and would require you to properly understand their working parts to care for them the right way. Some problems may arise in the long run, but luckily, it is not every issue with your E-bike that indicates a major problem. Most times, simple DIY maintenance is everything you need.

Resolving the common E-bike problems yourself can be a lifesaver considering the fact that most electric bike users do not reside close to an E-bike service station or outlet.

As an emerging comapny focusing on easy urban riding, Honbike is aware of these tough situations and aims to solve your travel & riding problem with advanced technology. Meet Honbike, you will avoid some common e-bike problems as following:






Problem 1: Broken Chains

Every cyclist must have encountered a bicycle chain breakage, which is a very troublesome problem, especially for commuters, who not only have to face the dirty chain, but also face the problem of being late for work. risk. Many women and novice cyclists don't even know what to do with it.

However, you can now completely get rid of this problem. With our patented Monotork shaft drive system, Honbike has achieved a safe and reliable chainless design, making your riding journey will be easy and hassle-free. Moreover, our HF01 is also a folding electric bike. Although it is heavier than the traditional foldable bicycle, we are equipped with smart drive technology to escort your riding safety.


Problem 2: Motor

Hub motors power E-bikes; hub motor noise is a major problem with most electric bikes. Hub motor issues occur when the gears, bearings, or disk brake are already sapped. Occasionally, hub motor noise may arise from a loose bolt, and simply tightening the loose part or replacing the old parts can fix the problem. However, if the noise persists after replacement, it could result from friction in the motor bearings and would need a lubricant.

Honbike HF01 is powered by a 250W front hub motor activated by a three-sensor system. We have installed the motor for the customer when it leaves the factory, and the built-in motor wire is usually not loose, which avoids the situation that the motor does not work during the riding process.

Problem 3: Battery

The heart of your electric bike is the battery, and it is the most prone to damage due to misuse and its operating conditions. Another factor that could lead to a battery problem is the accumulation of moisture in the battery slot due to the method you employ when washing your electric bicycle.

In addition, the mode of charging your e-bike battery also affects the battery lifespan. Overcharging and undercharging your E-bike is not a good way of maintaining your bike, and this could aggregate to a major problem within a short time.

Many riders usually leave their electric bike uncharged for a longer period before charging. Sometimes, some electric bike functions that drain the battery are left ON, causing the battery to discharge and drain to a point where it becomes fatally damaged. Extreme weather conditions can also affect the power, efficiency, and battery life of your two-wheeler.

To troubleshoot and prevent problems with your battery, it is crucial you remove the battery from its slot before washing and ensure that your electric bike is properly dried and there is no moisture in the battery slot before inserting your battery. Honbike HF01's battery is located in the center of the frame, making it lightweight and easy to remove. You can always charge your battery on hand.

Problem 4: Pedal Assist

There could be a shift in the magnetic sensors that control the torque sensation and pedal-assist in your electric bike. The sensors are located in the front sprocket. An unintentional change in the pedals, wheels, sprockets, and derailleurs may stimulate the displacement of magnets that aids your E-bike sensing, eventually affecting the bike's efficient functioning.

Electric bikes have distinct pedal-assist mechanisms built according to the manufacturers' preferences. Honbike electric bikes are designed with a tri-sensor pedal to assist, making it easy to monitor each level of pedal assist you are riding on. Once familiar with its mechanics, you will quickly determine the correct torque induction while riding the bike. Thanks to smart riding technology, Honbike will automatically adjust the level of pedal assist for your ride.


Problem 5: Wiring and Connections

When riding an e-bike on bumpy terrain, the excessive pressure and vibration encountered can loosen some wires and connections. This can sometimes cause your e-bike to malfunction or render it completely inoperable.

Riding an e-bike on terrain it wasn't designed for can cause these problems. It is important that you check and understand the external wiring of your e-bike frequently to make sure they are connected in the correct places.

The Honbike HF01 adopts a minimalist design, with only 57 parts. Our engineers and designers have integrated most of the cables that are easy to tangle. Therefore, you will hardly encounter the problem of loose cables, and your riding will be free of sudden troubles.



As E-bikes keep evolving and are taking over the electric vehicle market, users are faced with little or no experience regarding the advanced mechanism of operating these two-wheelers. In addition, maintenance is of paramount importance, so we have provide every riders with 40000KM+ maintenance-free service. 

Also, we have attached instructional manuals on our site so users can effectively understand the workings of each component and manage their E-bike effectively. Contact us for further inquiries and assistance.

Is Folding E-Bike Good For Exercise?

Is Folding E-Bike Good For Exercise?

E-bike provides an extensive range of benefits, including the ability to get you perfectly fit, travel long distances faster, allow you to experience the immersive fun...

Is Folding E-Bike Good For Exercise?

Is Folding E-Bike Good For Exercise?

E-bike provides an extensive range of benefits, including the ability to get you perfectly fit, travel long distances faster, allow you to experience the immersive fun of cycling, and serve as a great substitute for green commuting.

It is also great for exercise, like cycling with a normal bike where you still have to pedal and churn down your body calories, but with a lesser effort and a bit easier.

While when it comes to the foldable version, how does it preform? 

What are Foldable Electric Bikes?

If you pay attention to electric bike riders these days, you would probably see people riding a foldable electric bike or lifting it in such a way that makes you wonder if that’s the traditional electric bike you’re accustomed to. With the advancement in technology and human-centric designs, we at Honbike are providing a revolutionized means of city transport that is less expensive, suitable for the environment, more compatible than a motorcycle or scooter, and easy to transport from place to place with minimal storage space. That’s where folding E-bikes comes to play.

Folding e-bikes are easy to compress and carry or store in the home, office, or travel with when not in use. Compared to the normal electric bikes,portable electric bikes come with a few unique parts that are easy to assemble, fold, and replace, thus saving you a lot of energy when assembling and transporting. 



Does Folding E-bike Provide Good Workout?

If you are yet to make use of an electric bike, here’s an opportunity for you to discover some of the fitness benefits of owning one. Electric bikes are regular bicycles with a touch of innovative advancement. They have a battery-powered pedal assist that helps you pedal more conveniently through city terrains without gassing out. The pedal assist allows you to gain a faster pace with a lesser amount of hard work and fitness, hence giving you a superhuman kind of feeling.

With foldable e-bikes, you have the off chance of getting fit when cycling to work, going on a fitness ride with friends, or a drag race to the store, every rider would feel satisfied with the result derived from these activities. 

Let's examine how folding electric bikes can serve as a means of good exercise.

Get Your Heart rate Up

Cycling on a normal bike is regarded as vigorous exercise. Assuming you weigh 150 pounds, you get to burn out over 430 to 560 calories every hour when cycling at a speed of 10 to 14 mph. However, for a person of the same weight using a pedal-assist foldable E-bike, such a person will only require half the amount of energy and burn about 280 calories.

The energy utilized in pedaling a regular bicycle and that used for an electric bike is compared to running and brisk walking. Both serve as a good form of exercise, but where one is vigorous, the other is soft and requires minimal stress. Depending on the power setting you have, level of pedal-assistance, or how hard you ride ( probably you’re carrying a load), you can lose about 390 calories per hour with a foldable E-bike.

Ultimately, you don’t require much effort when using an electric bike for exercise. The calorie burn is equivalent to walking and higher than driving. Our folding Honbike ChainFree One has five levels of pedal assist, allowing you to still get your heart rate up in a very comfortable way, which is a good exercise. If you need to burn more calories, all you have to do is reduce the pedal assist levels.

Guarantees Health Benefits

If you are just getting out of the bed and decide to go for some fitness activities, folding E-bikes provide significant health benefits for riders due to their state-of-the-art design. Assuming you ride three days a week at a minimum of 40 minutes in a month, you would have increased your fitness level, cut down on fats, and have an improved blood sugar level.

Avenue for Electric Bike Rider to Ride More

Owning a folding electric bike can surprisingly increase the frequency at which you ride. A recent survey conducted with 1,800 e-bike owners in North America indicated that before owning an electric bike, 55% of them rode daily or weekly. But at the point of purchasing an E-bike, the number of individuals who rode daily or weekly increased to 91%. Interestingly, 94% of individuals who don’t love cycling initially started riding every day or weekly after purchasing an electric bike. 

The foldable and chainless electric bike designed by Honbike comes with patented Monotork shaft drive system that redefines the E-bike possibilities. It gives you a trouble-free experience and enables you to carry out your driving errands while covering a more robust distance and increasing your fitness value. With a more reliable level of speed of about 25 km/h, it is an alternative to leisurely riding to work or exploring areas in your neighborhood. 

Enhances Your Ability to Ride on Recovery Days

If you’re stressed out from yesterday’s activities or you find yourself sitting on the couch to recover from a minor sickness, electric bikes can help you to recover properly. Assuming you are residing on the streets of San Francisco or other areas palatable for the use of electric bikes, you can simply go on a cruise ride with your E-bike. 

This enables you to take into your system the freshness of the environment, allows for blood circulation, wash out the metabolic wastes in your body system, and enhances your recovery process. It also gives you blood rich in the necessary nutrients to help you go hard when on your next ride.

A Better Fun Experience with Low Intensity

Having a steady heart rate when riding on a traditional bike is quite challenging. However, with the Honbike HF01, you can adjust the settings to one of its lower power modes which gives you a steady heart rate and allows you to cover more distances than you would if you’re using a regular bike and want to maintain a steady heart rate.

Our foldable design comes with a Tri-sensor system that provides riders with the right balance when riding. It auto balances your riding experience and lets you ride at a better-calculated pace that is efficient in maintaining keeping your heart rate low and also delivering a safer riding experience.

Bottom Line

Folding E-bikes are a more suitable means of having a body exercise that can be accessed by both teenagers and adults. You get to enjoy a daily form of fitness experience that does not leave you short of breath and heaving heavily. At Honbike, we are focused on designing unique electric bike products that are suitable for enhancing your overall health with minimal stress levels. We have exquisite foldable designs that are sure to fit your style and size.


How Can Electric Bikes Benefit Your Life

How Can Electric Bikes Benefit Your Life

You may wonder why e-bike has received so much hype around the world. Compared with traditional bikes, they come with an extra controller, battery, and motor, making them smart and effective. As a result, electric bikes help riders to achieve easy and fast tasks. What other things do e-bikes have to offer? Read on to find out more information about e-bikes' benefits to their users and why it's an investment to consider.

Commuting to Work with Faster Way

Electric bikes are a must-have for individuals who love to cycle a lot. It would help if you had the power to control your bike movement and speed, which is lacking in a traditional bike. If you are riding as a cyclist, you want to enjoy your daily ride maximally. Individuals riding mainly for commuting can also enjoy their activities every day of the week. You can conveniently ride to your workplace without missing the need to ride with family and friends on weekends.

Riding an e-bike gives a different feeling to people in overwhelming workplaces. They enjoy nature and even feel more comfortable in their environment. The workspace is becoming more complex, increasing anxiety among workers or staff. Hence, many people need cool-off moments either alone or with friends.

It reflects on general life performance as you allocate a few riding periods among your busy daily schedule. The mind is more at ease and can be as productive as you want. Human life responds to mind exposure and innate capacity. Meanwhile, your natural ability is only strengthened when the senses are sharpened. Riding in cool weather is an effective method that helps relieve daily stress. Research also reveals that people who engage in exercise are more productive than those who do not. Considering the high cost and heaviness, it may be pretty challenging to use gym tools for training. However, electric bicycles have proven to be an efficient alternative to regular exercising tools. You can ride an Honbike with a maximum speed of 25 km/h and still achieve your health goal. You do not necessarily need to cover this speed daily, as long as you are consistent.



E-bikes Benefit the Healthy Condition

The impact of e-bikes on health does not only apply to older adults. People who are struggling with physical conditions gain balance whenever they receive an extra push from the e-bike. Human strength may not be enough to start a ride, but support generated from electric bike helps create higher energy levels. Although traditional bikes also provide some health benefits, e-bikes are more effective, since they are operated at higher speeds and are flexible to road types and weather conditions. It does not limit riders' roads to ride on while improving their health status. Hence, e-bikes are the best way to improve your physical routine, which will reflect on your health status.

Riding is known to belong to the category of aerobic exercise. People who have a busy day do not need to worry about putting some time into exercise. You are simply exercising as you ride to and fro your workplace. Also, riding to a grocery store nearby is another form of exercising. However, you must ensure to ride every day, compared to using the public mode of transportation. In a public mode of transport, the muscles are not being stretched. Hence, there is little or no work on the body's nerves and joints. These little movements accumulate to yield the greater cause. Meanwhile, you will only see results from e-bikes when you are consistent. You need to be consistent, just as you would have if you visited a gym.

E-bike Is a Friendly for Seniors

E-bikes are ideal for every age group. Adults going through health challenges with heart difficulties may get some breathing space exercising. Engineers also consider the necessity of providing convenient e-bikes for several age groups. Hence, e-bike companies such as Honbike builds its products with chainfress and smart drive technology, offering a safe and easy riding for both young and old. Since older adults are physically weaker, they need extra support from the e-bike features. It will also help change their lives as they get another opportunity to ride with family and friends.

Older adults who are confined to sedentary lifestyles can also improve by riding an e-bike. Since the COVId-19 outbreak, many older people who are not technically vast have lost their jobs. The world dynamics have shifted toward technology, leaving people to catch up on the race. Hence, many of these older adults especially seniors deal with loneliness, even in care homes. E-bikes provide more mental health benefits for people in this category. The brain is more active and functions optimally with a better chance of relating to society.

The demand for fresh air to improve a person's mind is achieved with e-bikes. Adults get to sleep more through routine exercise. Also, it is a remedy for older adults with sleeping difficulty at night. Many are faced with dreadful dreams and scary thoughts. When the mind is positively engaged during the day, your sleep routine will be positively influenced. You can take some books while you ride to your picnic location. The combination of both will help yield a faster result. You can also join a club or team of cyclists that engage in outdoor sports activities, such as golf.

E-bike Impacts on the Environment

As much as e-bike provides several benefits to individuals, it plays a more significant role in the environment. The planet is being threatened by fossil fuel from vehicles and other related modes of transport. The ozone layer's complete depletion is a significant risk to plants and animals on earth. Hence, it has become a collective effort to sustain the green environment. In place of the carbon substances, people are encouraged to commute with electrically powered machines. An e-bike is built to operate on fully charged batteries. Although they involve more complex production, these batteries release no carbon emissions.

The government also participates in improving societal life at large by building charging centers across cities. This allows riders to charge up their batteries when it down. The absence of charging centers may lead individuals to return to public transport. Fortunately, top countries are implementing control measures. Also, entrepreneurs are establishing renting centers. People who cannot own an e-bike can rent one, especially people of low financial category.

Apart from air pollution, e-bikes also help to curb noise pollution. The vehicle noise can be disturbing, especially in cities with massive traffic. Schools and houses built along the roadside will live a more peaceful and comfortable life. Meanwhile, engineers are implementing methods that yield zero noise from e-bikes. Electric bicycles were built with chains in past years while chainfree design is emerging in recent years. Honbike is currently the best preformers in using this technology, with its Monotork clean shaft drive system, the electric bikes do not need chains, allowing riders to get rid of bike problem and maintenance, it also plays a more significant role in preventing noise pollution.


Contrary to popular opinion, an electric bicycle is not a mere lazy version of traditional bikes. Even with a pedal-assist function, riders need to understand the mechanism. Despite the controversies built around e-bikes, their contribution to changing riders' lives remains a fact. Riders effortlessly get to reduce their blood sugar level and have a healthier lifestyle. While achieving a better physical look and state of mind, you will be doing that at a lesser cost. 

Comparison Between Electric Bike Pedal Assist and Throttle: Choosing the Right One for You


There have been several controversies built around electric bikes. New users often confuse the right choice between throttle and pedal-assist bikes. However, the exciting thing is that users get to decide if they want extra help provided by the machine or not. Your choice will determine the best type of e-bike for you. Understandably, it can be pretty challenging to identify the uniqueness of these electric bikes. However, you can make the best decision if you have the correct information and implement the acquired knowledge. This article has detailed information about pedal-assist and throttles e-bike differences to ease your decision-making process.

Overview of Pedal Assist Electric Bike

Pedal-assist e-bikes are commonly found in countries with many cyclists, such as mainland Europe. Contrary to popular opinion, a pedal-assist e-bike is not heavy. However, you may ride on the extra weight when the pedal function is not on.

When riding with the top power support level from the pedal-assist function, riders have a superhuman feeling. However, it is essential to be careful of injuries, which is why it is not recommended in harsh weather conditions. Climbing on the slope is also a pleasant experience, even when you receive low support from the e-bike. Pedal assists are grouped into classes one and three in Canada and US. The highest speed attainable for class one and class three electric bikes is 20 mph and 28 mph, respectively.


Overview of Electric Bike with Throttles

Throttle e-bikes are built into various types and functions. The throttle is usually located on the handlebars or handlebars and directly powers the motor up to top speed without pedalling. Just twist or push the throttle and go!

If you're in traffic or you're exhausted from pedaling, the gas pedal helps you get up to speed. Riders who regularly use the throttle on their bikes may notice less overall battery life per charge.



The Mechanism of Pedal Assist 

E-bike technology is advancing, yielding several designs of the same product. This growth is also seen in several brands in the electric bicycle industry.

When comparing the throttle and the pedal-assist e-bike, the significant difference is in the technical built or mechanism. The technology and operation modes differ.

Engineers install a device known as a sensor, which allows riders to monitor the pedaling pace they ride on. The sensor showcase the level of support a rider gets while pedaling.

Honbike HF01 is built with a triple sensor pedal assist, which enables you to monitor from several regions. These sensors are known as cadence, torque, and gyro. It is a spec not commonly found in most electric bike models. The extra power from an e-bike helps the rider to feel comfortable, especially people familiar with traditional bikes. Once familiar with the mechanism, it is little or no different from a regular bike.

Even though the pedal-assist e-bike is built to provide support, it gives you a chance to adjust to your preferred mode. You can also determine the support level your e-bike should provide.

Also, it would help if you ascertained the maximum level of support you can get based on your province's regulations. Adjusting the pedal assist offers some other benefits beyond speed control. You can control your battery duration and workout intensity. People who want to burn body fat find it easier with the pedal-assist function. This is because they can choose to ride at low speed and increase it whenever they wish. However, a novice is not encouraged to ride beyond the medium assist level. 

The Throttle Ebike Mechanism

Riding a motorcycle is similar to using a throttle e-bike. You get the extra push or power from your e-bike without pedaling. However, your e-bike responds to your desired speed once you twist the handlebar. You can also get an electric bike with both pedal and throttle functions. You can switch off or remove the pedal when you feel it is unnecessary. However, inexperienced riders must locate where the throttle is fixed to put it in the correct position. Hence, riders are always conscious of this while in motion.

Which is the Safest Biking Mode?

There are controversies about the safest between pedal-assist and throttle e-bikes. Generally, pedal e-bikes operate at a higher rate than throttle e-bikes, but it is barely a significant determination while estimating cyclists' speed.

In the long run, the rider decides how much momentum the bike will ride. Whether or not you get support from the machine, you will mostly ride at your most preferred speed.

Riding pedal-assist and throttle e-bikes at the same speed under the exact condition will yield the same safety rate. In reality, the collision rate is also the same. Engineers build their e-bikes with a maximum speed level. This is often a reflection of the regulations governing the usage of electric bikes among their target audience. The Honbike product is built with a 25 km/h top speed, which is reasonable for its European electric bike laws.

Pros and Cons of Pedal Assist and Throttle Electric Bike

Stating the best between pedal-assist and throttle e-bike is unnecessary because each has its strengths and weaknesses. Various riders have preferences, which vary with purpose and capacity. Below are the highlighted differences between pedal-assist and throttle electric bikes.

Pros of Pedal Assist Electric Bike

  • A pedal-assist e-bike gives its rider some intuitive feel, especially if you are familiar with riding traditional bikes.
  • This mode helps riders to go freely without worrying about keeping a throttle in a particular position. Once you pedal, you freely ride for as long a distance as you want to cover.
  • Although pedal-assist is often described as heavy bikes, a quality torque sensor bike has its weight centered at the bottom. If you wish for a light-weighted e-bike, you should consider Honbike products. They lack suspension, reducing about 30% of the machines' weight.
  • The pedal-assist function is preferable for riders who feel heavy on a throttle e-bike.
  • You can perform more effectively as you cover more mileage.

Cons of Pedal Assist Electric Bike

  • Several rules guide pedal-assist usage in most countries, limiting its use among the residents. However, the class one Pedelecs are often acceptable so you can opt for this.
  • Although electric bike prices vary with models and brands, a pedal-assist bike is mostly expensive than a throttle electric bike.
  • Pedal assist is not the best option for riding in traffic. The sudden acceleration function is not as effective as in a throttle e-bike. This implies the bike's power is not well-coordinated, which will be dangerous to ride in towns.
  • You want to avoid a poor cadence sensor at all costs because it can mess up your ride performance.

Pros of Throttle Electric Bike

  • A throttle electric bike is easy to navigate, making it a better choice for busy roads or traffic. Many throttle e-bikes are built with a boost button that helps riders quickly change speed.
  • Throttle e-bike is a flexible option for people riding without pedaling. Meanwhile, the choice to pedal at will is a more significant advantage.
  • Throttle e-bikes are best when you separate them for either mountain climbs or cruise rides.

Cons of Throttle Electric Bike

  • A throttle can either have a good or poor modulation. A poor modulation applies to a sudden change in speed or power. Meanwhile, riders generate power bit by bit in a good modulation. Hence, a throttle e-bike with poor modulation is not the best option for a novice rider.
  • The battery range of a throttle e-bike is usually limited, which means a rider must drive with extra care and measure.
  • The gears in throttle e-bikes are not flexible enough to fit into several local conditions. This happens because most throttle e-bikes use the hub motors, although it is not compulsory.


    Most of the differences in pedal-assist and throttle electric bikes often surface on the trail. Bikers riding on mountain roads may not last long if they use a throttle electric bike. Hence, each cycle has a road type it is best suitable for. They can ride on any road as long as you start the engine, but the effectiveness differs for particular routes. According to your usual riding preferences and the information mentioned in this article, then you will choose the right electric bicycle mode.


    Why Now Is the Best Time to Buy an Electric Bike?

    Why Now Is the Best Time to Buy an Electric Bike?

    Riding an electric bike has drawn the interest of many people more than ever. The best time to buy an electric bike is now since engineers are launching new models and designs for consumers. You will have varieties of electric bicycles to choose from, with higher chances of meeting your needs. With the rapid increase in fuel prices, vehicles and similar modes of transportation are no longer sustainable. You want to save some extra cash by buying the electrically powered mode of transport instead. What other reasons should you invest in an e-bike now? Read further for more information.



    The Best Option for Every Novice

    If you have not owned any transport mode, you should first consider using an electric bike. Since electric bikes are the latest mode, it is the most appropriate time to join the trend. However, this is not only because electric bike is trending; it has proven worthwhile over time. Even with the pedal-assist feature, you can quickly learn how to ride an electric bike.

    It is an excellent choice since you can learn how to ride without little or no complications. Most countries do not allow an electric bike ride without some safety measures. Hence, an electric bike may seem dangerous, but you have a higher chance of being safe on the road. Electric bikes are also portable, making it easier for novices to be comfortable while riding. It is your first time riding, so you want to avoid riding on heavy machines. It could be overwhelming and discouraging, taking you back to public transport. Although electric bikes are primarily portable, it is best to consider foldable models. Since they are foldable, it is easier to move around while commuting for daily activities. You can quickly put them in a corner while working in your office space. You may also consider the Honbike product, which is about 40% lighter than most foldable e-bikes. The reason is that it lacks suspension rings, which could have contributed to the weight.

    Over the years, chain drive e-bikes have dominated the market system, making them common among many users. Meanwhile, chain e-bike is heavy and not easy to maintain. Fortunately, engineers have improvised better features such as the shaft-drive system. You have a better chance of choosing a chainless e-bike now.

    A lack of chain and suspension, with foldable parts, provide ease for every novice. Hence, you are at a better advantage if you get an e-bike now since engineers have produced better ideas. An example is the innovative Japanese product from Honbike.

    A Contribution to the Green Environment Sustainability

    Transportations that involve fossil fuels often pose a threat to environmental balance. The fumes released from vehicles contain chemicals that threaten human life when inhaled. The situation has led to the depletion of the ozone layer, which could cause severe damage to the planet at large. Meanwhile, the government and agencies have been advocating for measures that will help curb the situation. There have been intense advocates for electrically powered bikes in response to this. One of the measures the government has put in place is establishing charging ports across cities. It has become easier to charge up your e-bike battery while riding on the go. Instead of fossil fuel, the bikes use batteries, which can cover a long distance when fully charged. Meanwhile, Honbike products can cover a range of 40 km, which is sufficient for most cyclists.

    Buying an electric bike allows you to contribute to green environment sustainability. It is the best time because the planet is thriving against these harmful chemicals. Also, more industries are being established in cities, contributing to air pollution. Electric bikes help to minimize both air and noise pollution.

    An Opportunity to Explore more Places

    A large percentage of the world population was affected during the lockdown period. Many people lose connection with others in society, including friends and family. This can only be regained by visiting people who have been connected to them. However, it is more interesting to make new friends while exploring places. You can take long trips while riding with your buddies and catching up on old times.

    The rate of depression has not reduced since the pandemic ended. It is safe to say people are still caught in their lonely lifestyle. Aloneness is one of the quick factors that birth depression. The best solution to this is to communicate and allow the mind to explore the outside space. The best time to invest in yourself is now, without giving chances to anxiety and depression. If you find it challenging to restore your life activities, you can start by buying an electric bike. Also, you can climb mountains and several terrains with your electric bike. You would not also need to worry about running out of battery. Engineers build these electric bikes with dual batteries that can replace each other when they run out of power.

    Electric Bikes are a Good Investment

    More entrepreneurs recognize the opportunity available in the transportation sector and take advantage of it. If you are a business owner, this is the best time to own electric bikes. Europe and China are increasingly recording more electric bike users daily, so you would not run out of customers. You can also choose rural or less developed areas as the target audience since you introduce a more convenient transport mode. The people in these areas can opt to use electric bikes to commute for their little social gatherings.

    Many investors also invest in electric bikes and give them out for rent age. Although renting a bike is not as expensive as buying it, the user will spend more in the long run. Electric bikes come with lesser parking fees and insurance coverage. Hence, an investor will benefit more from these added advantages. However, the electric bike market has not been dominated in certain provinces in Europe. This is the best time to buy an electric bike and invest since there are no competitors. Even when competitors enter the market in the future, a long-standing trader has an advantage over the others.

    A Support to Health and Physical Wellbeing

    Apart from transportation, health is also a considerable concern to many people today. There is a high record of heart diseases that result from obesity. Hence, many people are taking precautions that will keep them fit physically. Unfortunately, keeping fit seems to be time-consuming and somewhat expensive. The equipment at the gym is costly, making it non-affordable for people earning a low income. Hence, doctors recommend adults commute with electric bikes, especially the older adults. Electric bikes are more accessible and a reasonable means of passive exercise. People who are yet to get familiar with exercise routines can start with electric bikes until they get used to them. It is also essential for sedentary lifestyles or people working from home.

    Easy DIY Maintenance

    Considering the easy DIY maintenance procedure, there is no other appropriate time to buy an electric bike. Although remote works are more popular since the post-pandemic season, it creates lesser time for personal duties. People sit in front of laptops all day, trying to figure out an innovative solution to technology problems. Amidst this, there is little need for mobility. The mobility needs among city people have reduced, while those who work from the home visit a grocery store nearby. Hence, the need for a transportation mode that could run a long distance at once has been short-lived. Also, it could be time-intensive to maintain a vehicle or public transport adequately. This takes the average time needed to execute a task or work project.

    An electric bike is much easier to maintain, and you can even consider the DIY approach. The DIY maintenance kit for the electric bike is available in many local stores. Some of these stores will even provide the kits as you purchase your electric bike. Electric bikes may have complex electrically built systems; you can easily disassemble them with the right tools and knowledge. If your electric bike lacks adequate maintenance, the components are prone to wear out. The good news is that the e-bike industry has expanded to having many repairers fix any component issue. Although a user may spend excess on repair than maintenance costs, you cannot be out of help or guidance. Professionals and experts have equipped themselves and are ready to provide the needed services.


    Electric bikes are the top essential transport mode in rural areas and cities. You can easily access an e-bike, either online or on-site. Indeed, some parts of the world do not have e-bike supply centers; the internet has made things easier. Some manufacturers may not sell directly to individuals, but several retailers are online to choose from. Meanwhile, one of the best post-covid responses is commuting with a better and more effective transport mode. It makes it easier to fill up the work void created during the pandemic.

    Is there Any Difference Between Chain and Shaft-drive Electric bike?


    Compared to shaft drive, the chain system is the main categories of electric bikes. While they are both ideal and perform excellent functions in an e-bike, and each drive system has unique benefits, which are peculiar to them. A potential user needs to understand the detailed mechanism of the drive systems, to help make the best choice. 

    This article provides detailed information on a comparison between shaft-drive and chain electric bikes. Readers can find out more information below.



    What is a Chain Electric Bike?

    An electric bike built with chains operates with two sprockets. The rear wheel and gearbox regions host the sprockets, which you can easily identify in an electric bike. The chain connects the rear wheel to the gearbox, which is a distinct characteristic of a chain-drive e-bike. Electric bicycles with chains have different sizes of sprockets, which vary with the torque output.

    The advantages and disadvantages of the chain drive system are highlighted and explained below.


    One of the main advantages of chain drives is the affordability by many people. The production technique requires lesser innovative components than the shaft drive system. The expensive parts in shaft-drive helps to control the noise that emanates from traditional chains. It is pretty difficult for a rider to restore the chain drive system after it snaps.

    Chain drives are not one component like the shaft-drive system. Hence, users can replace a faulty chainwith another, making the repair process cheaper.

    Chain drives are also readily available in the market. Users can easily access chain drives from the closest e-bike supplier to you. They are also commonly found in local stores. Hence, users do not see it challenging to identify a repairer when needed.It is a better shock absorber than a shaft-drive bike.

    If an e-bike experiences sudden acceleration, a chain drive can quickly adjust itself. Riders can survive high speed and power when riding on chain drives than on shaft drives.

    Users can easily disassemble the chain components of an electric bike. You can separate the bike onto fractions without needing to remove the electric bike's frame.

    Chains quickly suit many bike designs than the shaft-drive system. However, some electric bikes require some chain specifications while others do not. Meanwhile, most bike frames work effectively with a chain drive system.

    These bikes respond well to a rider's versatility. Many users can quickly fix a fault by replacing the bike's sprockets. Hence, it is preferred for many people who have just translated from vehicles to electrically powered bikes.


    Chain electric bikes are quick to mess everywhere than electric shaft drives. Applying grease to your electric bike frequently, may cause the chain to deposit some particles. Bear in mind that chain electric bikes are not the best option for riding on harsh roads. The chains are prone to stretch and break, reducing their shelf-life. A user would eventually invest more money on chain-drive system after a long time.

    The maintenance needed to run a chain drive effectively is high. Users may need to apply a lube at intervals to ensure it operates smoothly while riding. It could be dangerous when a user ignores the chain condition, especially riding uuphill. The chain could spill off, causing an accident.

    Chains are also prone to falling off while riding. Chain drives are susceptible to rain and moisture environments. This is why it is often recommended for users to avoid riding when it rains. The chain is liable to rust, leading to their destruction.

    The chain objects often move into each other while on motion. The noise from this movement can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. It is heightened when the chain drive is already wearing out.

    Since chains are liable to undergo changes due to rust condition, they do not have long durability like the shaft-drive.

    Chain drives are not as effective as shaft drives, especially when riding on huge power outputs.

    What is a Shaft-Drive Electric Bike?

    Unlike chain-drive system which uses a chain, the gear connects the gearbox to the rear wheel. The power needed to execute the ride is transmitted by the chain in a chain drive. The machine then responds to the rider’s kick by propelling the electric bike. This mechanism takes places through the pulley system model. 

    The pros and cons of the shaft drive system are highlighted and explained below.


    Unlike chain drives, the shaft drive system do not need an intense maintenance routine. You do not need to apply any grease to a shaft drive, which could cause much stains on the machine. Honbike has built a shaft-drive and foldable electric bike that lacks suspension. Hence, shaft drives are light weighted because they do not have chains.

    You can easily carry the drives around without worrying about lubes dripping off the machine. You will enjoy shaft drive flexibility better when it is an updated design from Honbike. The bike weight is around 44lb, which is about 40% lighter than most bikes.

    Manufacturers build shaft drives with rubber parts inplace of metal parts, making them noiseless even while in motion. Anyone who wants a peaceful ride while enjoying Mother Nature, can opt for a shaft drive system.

    Shaft drives have more extended durability than chain drives. Hence, users can resell their shaft drive at a higher value than the chain e-bike. Although shaft drive may be more costly to purchase, it is helpful for a long-term investment.

    You would not need to worry about shaft drives falling off the e-bike because they have more stability than chain drives. Hence, they are appropriate for riding rough terrains.


    The ebike frame or rider bears the shock experienced while riding, instead of shaft drives. Hence, users should be careful of sudden deceleration or acceleration, which could cause imbalance. These imbalances are major reasons why first-aid medications should be in the e-bike pack space.

    There are particular downshifts for certain road speeds, so you need to also confirm this. The rear wheel could lock if the downshift does not suit the road speed. This is a dangerous effect you want to avoid while riding your e-bike.

    Shaft drives purchase and repair costs are higher than chain drives. The spare parts are not readily available, which increases therepair cost.

    If anything happens to your shaft drive system, be ready to spend quite some money, which may take longer. A shaft drive system or part is not easily replaceable like a chain drive.

    The system is not built into sections, so users need to replace everything to fix up any damaged area. This would also involve the repairer removing the e-bike frame.

    Which is the Most Common Between Chain and Shaft-Drive?

    Chain bikes are the most popular and accessible, but you can still get a shaft-drive electric bike. You can find shaft drives in top manufacturing companies implementing innovative bike models. Meanwhile, chain drive has existed for a longer time. Honbike has launched its chainfree powere by Monotork clean shaft drive system. This is ideal for people who want clean and high-performance e-bikes. Most people with less financial status would prefer the chain e-bike function. However, users must be prepared to allocate some income to maintain the chain drive at intervals. The shaft drive is popular among e-bike enthusiasts who love to try new models. They may be tired of constantly replacing their bike chains and choose to upgrade to a better alternative.


    Both chain and shaft-drive systems are responsible for converting the motor engine's power into the rear wheel. Hence, your e-bike would function with any of the installed drive system. However, users must be ready to bear the consequences of the drive cons. For instance, a rider should clear schedules to clean and maintain the chain-drive. On the other hand, a shaft drive would require some technical skills to carry out an effective repair. Hopefully, you can make the best choice of electric bike with the information provided in this guide.

    Things To Do Before Riding Your Electric Bike | All You Should Know


    The most critical consideration to riding an electric bike is safety. This is why most countries set regulations that safeguard users riding on their bikes. Some have a limited speed and terrains on which users can ride. Beyond these government regulations is the necessity for individuals to be more intentional. Before every riding experience, the acts are as important as the ride itself. Hence, this article provides the necessary actions before riding your e-bike.

    Confirming the Essential Equipment

    Some equipment contributes to the safety of your electric bike. This is particularly important for every inexperienced rider. Before taking your e-bike into the city, confirm the factors below are in good condition.

    The Battery

    Since the electric bike depends on batteries for faster operation, you'd better make sure it is fully charged when you start. You can check this through the battery's indicator. However, hold another fully charged battery with you for long distances. At Honbike, a battery only weights 2.78lbs while offers 25 miles range, you can get one more to double your mileages as well.

    The Helmet

    Countries like Canada do not allow riders without wearing a helmet. Breaking the law would incur some legal charges. Meanwhile, a helmet is more important for the rider's safety. Your helmet should also meet the legal rules set by organizations such as ANSI, ASTM, or even CAN-CSA.


    LCD Display

    The importance of clear sight or view while riding your electric bike cannot be overemphasized. It is essential to have a light installed on your e-bike frame, both at the front and back view. The LCD is also crucial to relay the speed of the electric bike. It also works to power on and off the electric bike light.

    The Brake System

    Check if the brake system is in good condition before riding your electric bike. You want to avoid any incident that will be attributed to brake failure. Do not ride your e-bike if the brake system has any traces of wearing out. The brake system can contribute to a smooth or rough ride and the wheel component. You can use a torque wrench to confirm that the bolts are tightly fixed to the electric bike.

    The Tires

    Make sure your tires are not deflated before taking them out. Identify if any spoke is broken, then fix it. A faulty tire will slow your journey with lots of frustration.

    The Handlebars

    The electric bike handlebar needs to be comfortable for the rider. This is why it's best to get an adjustable handlebar, which suits several riders' heights. Tighten all the stems on the handlebar before riding your electric bike.

    Checking your tire regularly should become a habit for every rider. You need to confirm that the tire is not too soft to climb uphill. Also, make sure the tire has no cut to allow the air to escape while riding. You can also cross-check with a track pump if your tires have the right volume for the ride.

    The Seat

    Your e-bike seat has a role in the comfort you get from riding. Your feet should be able to pedal after sitting on your electric bike. Hence, you should confirm that the seat is at the right height and the bolts are not loosened.

    Food and Drinks

    If you are riding a long distance, you need water to refuel your energy. This allows you to pack other necessary items with you on the journey. Apart from water, you can also get energy-giving foods. This includes proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in their sufficient amount. However, avoid heavy foods that will cause you to sleep during the ride. You may also consider fruits and vegetables. They are a healthy choice of nutrients and help a rider stay hydrated.

    Right Outfit

    There are certain types of clothing appropriate for riding an electric bike. It is an important factor many people neglect. If you are riding during summer and during the day, you can wear loose pairs on your right hand. However, reflective clothing is most appropriate for night rides.

    Clothing may seem like an unnecessary precaution, but it is not so. You may think the typical jeans and T-shirt are all you need, but there is always more. Professional cyclists pay attention to their choice of cloth before riding. Before commuting, make sure to sort out your work bag. It becomes much easier to include clothing that will help relieve the stress ahead.

    Remember to Maintain Your Electric Bike Battery Regularly 

    A lot of intentional habits go into having a premium e-bike battery. Although an electric bike motor is responsible for its operations, the battery is the bike's power. Beyond charging it fully when needed, you need to consider critical factors that promote its lifespan. If your battery is new, allow it to fully charge before using it. Also, note that it will take longer for a new battery to charge than used batteries. Hence, the charging time will reduce as time goes on. Meanwhile, the Honbike battery can be fully charged in about four hours.

    Ensure to charge your batteries with good chargers. Using an inappropriate charger may weaken the battery, affecting your ride experience. Also, it is hazardous to let lithium batteries completely drain before charging them. The reasonable charge on an electric bike battery is a minimum of 25%. Overcharging a lithium battery also reduces its lifespan. Lithium batteries are also prone to damage when used in extreme temperatures. Hence, a rider needs to consider the environment temperature while riding with a lithium battery. It is always best to keep your batteries in a garage, where the environment temperature is moderate. You may also need to consider if your battery has stayed for a minimum of 15 minutes after charging. This is highly critical to note before putting it in your electric bike.

    Cleaning your Electric Bike before Cycling

    Schedule a cleaning time for your electric bike once you have all the necessary care tools. It would help if you did not ride an electric bike in a dirty state. Hence, every user should ensure to clean an e-bike after messing it up. This is to prevent diets and debris from sticking inside any e-bike components.

    You can start by applying degreaser from a reputable brand or supplier. It will erase any dirt on the bike surface. Also, remember to remove the battery before applying the cleaning agents. Any negligence during the cleaning process could cause further damage to the e-bike's battery. Also, use a dry towel to wipe off any residual moisture after cleaning the electric bike. If you have any moving metal objects in your e-bike, including the rear mechanism, apply lubes before using them.



    Before you start cycling, you should not only check the state of the bicycle to ensure safe riding, but also pay attention to the maintenance and cleaning of the e-bike. When you ride a beautifully designed chainless bike like Honbike HF01, you need to make your e-bike look as eye-catching as you do.

    How Electric Bikes Can Save Your Commuting Costs?


    Several benefits are attached to electric bikes, but cost management seems to top the list. Since  e-bikes do not require fuel, it has helped save extra expenses. Users only need to charge the batteries, and they are good to commute with their electric bikes. E-bikes are more cost-effective than vehicles, bicycles, and traditional bikes. It is high time you invested in electric bikes so that you can divert your money into other functions. How else does an electric bike save commuting costs? Read this article further to discover more information.

    How Much Money Can I Save with an Electric Bike?

    Buying an electric bike is reasonably cheaper than many exotic cars. You will need to save several dollars before buying your favorite car. Meanwhile, you can get an electric bike with sleek aesthetics and high performance from Honbike. It also offers a free shipping discount of $150 on every orders. Although electric bikes are relatively cheap, you need to compare prices from available vendors. This will confirm you are getting the best value from a highly competitive market rate.

    The amount of money individuals can save from electric bikes vary with riding situations. The Honbike HF01 costs about $1,999.00, which is on a reasonable price list with several other premium products. Also this foldable electric bike comes with shaft drive system, and has 40,000 km maintenance-free service. 



    Electric Bikes Usage Leads to Reduction of Fuel Consumption

    The prices of fuel in some countries largely depend on the state of the economy. Hence, there will be instances when fuel prices will be ridiculously high. Unfortunately, fuels are usually expensive and scarce simultaneously during these periods. It will cost a minimum of one dollar to cover a 10-mile trip for many vehicles. Although one dollar seems to be a minor expense for most people, calculate how much you spend weekly commuting with cars. If you replace your weekly expenditures on fuel with charging up your batteries, you can spend more on things. It could be groceries, gym registration, or books, as long as you just managed your transportation expenses.

    Electric Bikes Reduce Extra Charges on Private Transport

    Even when people choose to ride in private cars due to comfort, they face high traffic in cities. Meanwhile, many of these private transports charge based on commuting hours. This can be time-wasting and frustrating. At this point, the distance would matter less, as you may need to pay based on time. 

    You can schedule outings with cyclists while you bond together. Private or renting cars have been a sign of luxury over the years, but this is changing. Since manufacturers keep producing sleek electric bike designs, you would not feel intimidated among peers. It saves you the cost of trying to fake it till you make it, as you rent private cars.

    On the other hand, new businesses consider the electric bike rentals model. This means you can rent an  e-bike if you cannot afford to buy one yet. Meanwhile, renting an electric bike is usually cheaper than renting a private car. Electric bicycles also have a reduced risk of accident, which increases the probability of returning them to the store in good shape. Hence, you would not need to worry about paying extra fees for damages.

    E-bike Minimizes Workout Expenses

    Many people are more concerned with physical fitness than their medical status at this age. Meanwhile, an individual can achieve both with the help of electric bikes. Instead of spending extra time and money in the gym, you can use your electric bike to exercise. It also improves the rider’s mental health and overall wellbeing.

    E-bikes are also the specs of many millennials and GenZ. It encourages people with sedentary lifestyles to go outside more than on traditional bikes. This is because it is cost-effective and does not require users to queue at fuel stations. Electric bikes provide medical benefits while minimizing rider expenses. Therefore, a great deal of innovation should be widely acknowledged in the technology space.

    It Reduces Parking and Tire Fee

    Since electric bike tires rarely experience wear and tear, you can save yourself the extra expenses from frequent repairs. Car tires are bound to undergo routine maintenance, especially when driving on bad roads every day. Meanwhile, maintaining an e-bike tire is cheaper than a cad tire. If a user properly maintains an e-bike tire, it can last more than two years. Meanwhile, Honbike provides its users with a two-year warranty. The company is responsible for any technical fault developed while riding your electric bike. In this case, you are sure not to overspend on repairing your e-bike.

    In most countries, citizens are charged with occupying a parking space for a particular period. The parking fees incurred on drivers are sometimes enormous, especially at events. Also, parking spaces get filled up sometimes, leaving you with no room for your car. Meanwhile, the electric bike’s portability allows you to carry it around easily. You can even create a mini space for it at your office while moving on with your work activities. The cost of parking your car for days could save up for a new electric bike.

    Electric Bikes Ease Transit Processes

    It takes a lot of work to transit between work and home. It is even more challenging to shuffle extracurricular activities between work and home movements. This includes grocery shopping, religion meetings, gym, community services, etc. It will cost you a lot to board public transport between these activities, especially if they are long distances apart. Meanwhile, electric bicycles allow you to multitask with little cost. It is an added advantage when you have dual fully charged batteries. You can swap a battery with another after it is run down. If your resident has several charging ports, you can top your electric bike with little or no cost. This also implies you can charge at every transit location. Life just got easier with an electric bike to commute daily at a low price.

    Why You Should Consider An Electric Bicycle?

    The cost-effectiveness of electric bikes is enough reason you should get one. Gas prices are soaring by the day, making it more difficult for people to own a vehicle. Since cities experience high traffic, drivers waste a lot of gas while stuck between cars. If you calculate your monthly cost on gas fees while driving to and fro, you could invest more valuable items.

    Young adults who have reached the legal age of having a license often deal with low self-esteem. A cheaper alternative that solves this dilemma is an electric bike. You can ride to school excursions while catching fun with friends. Also, you would not need to bother about jam-packed school buses.


    Governments have also contributed to cost management in e-bike usage. Instead of spending an enormous amount on taxes and registration, you can spend lesser or none on electric bikes. Although some countries will request e-bike insurance coverage, it’s not as expensive as other modes of transportation. You can even explore e-bike options while planning an inexpensive vacation with your partner or friends. You would not need to worry about parking space or hold a spare tire. However, getting a foldable electric bike from Honbike makes it more accessible, with no chains and free maintenance, it is right time to save yourself some extra costs by investing in electric bikes today.