Register Your eBike in 3 Setps

  • Step 1: Download HONBIKE APP
  • Step 2: Create your HONBIKE owner's account
    • Open your HONBIKE APP.
    • Choose 'Registration' button.
    • Select your region and enter your email address to create HONBIKE owner's account.
    • Once success, log in with your account for the e-bike registration steps.
  • Step 3: Register your Honbike
    • Check the back of your owner's manual.
    • Find the frame number and verification code section.
    • Use your phone to scan the number & code to register your HONBIKE.
    • *Notice: Each eBike can only be registered by one email account at once. Please confirm that you are the onwer of the e-bike.

Still have some questions? Please contact: support@honbike.com for more information!