The Best Back-to-School E-bike Guide 2022

The Best Back-to-School E-bike Guide 2022

Children, teenagers, and college students are all gearing up to head back to school in just a few short weeks. The long and listless days of summer will soon draw to a close as a new school year of exciting education begins at campuses across the country. Try not to think of returning to school as a difficult or disappointing change. Instead, lean into this new season of your or your kid’s life as being full of new possibilities and looking forward to all the new knowledge to be gained. 


This year, try something new as you return to school by joining millions of riders around the world in the electric bike revolution. E-biking is the new craze that’s great for the environment and great for getting to and from school! And there’s no better way to get ready for heading back to school than with a handy guide full of tips, reminders, and recommendations for your e-bike. Whether you are dropping your children off at elementary school, purchasing an electric bike for your high school student, or buying your very own one as a college freshman, you are sure to find something useful in this comprehensive back-to-school e-bike guide. 



Back-to-School E-bike Maintenance 

The last thing you want on your way to class is for your e-bike to break down and make you late. Ensure you arrive at class on time with these maintenance reminders and tips:


Inflate your tires to the proper pressure

You don’t want to overfill your tires and cause them to blow out, but you don’t want underinflated tires either as this will cause your bike to get worse mileage out of the battery and potentially damage the rim. Check the sidewall for the proper psi for your tires and use an accurate pressure gauge to fill the tires regularly during the school season. 


Lube your chain and inspect it for any damage

Better yet, get a chainless electric bike and never worry about chain maintenance again. Ride for 50,000+km with the Monotork ™ shaft drive system exclusive to Honbike. If you haven’t yet upgraded your e-bike to a chainfree model, that’s okay. Don’t over-lubricate your chain. Ensure it rotates properly and is taught on the gears.


Inspect your electric components

You’ll want to give the electric parts of your bike a full visual inspection. Check the battery for any signs of corrosion and ensure it is charging properly. Note the motor, whether it is geared hub or mid-drive, and look for signs of rust or damage. Watch for overheating or sparks during or after long rides. If the battery or motor needs repair, do not ride the e-bike. Find a qualified e-bike repair shop and have them correct the issue before the school year starts.


Clean your electric bike

Using a soft cloth or non-abrasive sponge, lightly wet down the frame, wheels, and seat with a mild soap. Do not spray the entire bike as water damage may occur. The last thing you want to do is show up to school with a dirty ride. 


Back-to-School E-bike Safety

No matter which state or country you find yourself in, it is always best to consult the local laws and regulations for e-bike use. E-bikes are classified under 3 different levels and your area may have specific rules for each level. Laws dictate where you can ride the electric bicycle, how old you must be, and if you need to wear a helmet or not. The new Honbike U4 takes into account e-bike laws and is thus equipped with a 250W legal motor in Europe and a 350W legal motor in the U.S. making it the ideal school commuter bike. 


We always recommend the use of a helmet no matter your age or the law. Helmets are proven to reduce or prevent head injuries during accidents. 


Also, consider traffic anytime you are riding on a road made for vehicles. Ride with the flow of traffic in a single file and signal all turns or stops. Do not assume drivers in cars see you. This is especially true at intersections and turning lanes. 


The best defense is precaution. For this reason, we recommend front and rear lights equipped to your bike and bright clothing to make you as visible as possible. 


Plan Your Back-to-School E-bike Route

Plan your route carefully by first exploring the area and noting all paths possible. Watch the amount of pedestrian foot traffic or vehicle traffic and observe how it flows and where it gets crowded. Walk around your campus looking for bike lanes, and bike paths, and observe other riders. If you feel comfortable, you can ask other bikers for tips on getting around school. 


Don’t forget to bring a bike lock for while your bike is sitting outside in the bike rack. Another great reason to consider the new Honbike U4 is the built-in high-capacity battery. With the battery hidden inside the frame, you won’t have to worry about someone stealing or damaging it while you are in class. 


Choose the Right E-bike for Your Campus

You want to make a statement with your bike the minute it hits the school grounds. Make the most of every detail by opting for a sleek and minimalist design. Big, bulky e-bikes simply won’t cut it in today’s day and age. The U4 or HF01 by Honbike offer elegant lines, intuitive riding modes, and clean LED lights. You can’t go wrong with either bike. 


Benefits of Backing to School on Electric Bike

Not only will you save money by eschewing high gas prices in your car for an efficient e-bike, but there are no parking passes to buy and no insurance needed on an e-bike. Your body will thank you, too. We know that 30 minutes of exercise each day is the ideal physical goal and by riding to and from school you can achieve this while being productive, too. Honor the environment by choosing a sustainable transportation method and show all your classmates that you care about the planet. The benefits are numerous by using an e-bike to get around. 


Before the fall semester starts, take a comprehensive look at the health of your electric bike and the most important components, or consider a chainless e-bike for maintenance-free riding. Obey all traffic and riding laws while commuting each day to keep yourself safe. Plan your route carefully and choose the best electric bicycle for the job.


Finally, we hope you found this guide useful, and we wish you the best of luck in all your classes this year!


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