9 Bad Habits to Break to Become a Better Rider

9 Bad Habits to Break to Become a Better Rider

No matter your level of cycling experience, there is a high possibility of developing bad riding habits over time. If you have been struggling with staying on course while riding, you probably do some things wrong. This may as well affect the other old users. Thus, this guide highlights everyday bad habits, and hopefully, you will be able to identify the ones pertaining to you.

1. Using the Wrong Gear

If you love to climb uphills a lot, you need to be able to use the right gear. If you can rightly shift your electric bike gears, you can also manage the brake system. It will enhance your riding comfort and increase your speed. You can also practice your electric bicycle gear on a less-busy road as you monitor the revolutions you make. It is also expedient to practice with various cadences to adjust to different terrains.

2. Riding at a Fast Pace too Early

You need to train your body to adapt to a fast speed. Your metabolic rate will rise if you start riding extremely fast. Thus, you may need to start slowly to prevent your body from burning up. For the first thirty minutes, the reserved energy in your body will most likely be exhausted. After the first half of your ride, you can intensify your effort. This technique is highly recommended during cycling competitions.

3. Riding Above Speed Limit

As a rider, you need to understand the speed limit within your province and that of the electric bicycle. Meanwhile, lack of experience, skills, and education, are the main reasons people overlook speed limits. If your electric bike loses control, bringing it back on track may be challenging. Do not underestimate the road by going beyond your limit. If you have any of the Honbike models, remember that the speed limit is 25km/h. This also corresponds to the European standards for riding an electric bicycle.

4. Riding E-bikes with Worn-out Components

Some riders' huge mistake is sticking to an old electric bike. Meanwhile, older electric bike puts its rider at greater risk. Before buying a second-hand electric bike, ensure all the components are in good condition. Check out any rust, especially in the suspension system and frame region. Fortunately, e-bikes built with aluminum frames do not rust fast as steel and titanium frames. Riding an aluminum frame type is an added advantage, especially the 7,000 series aluminum type installed in Honbike U4.

5. Riding with the Wrong Saddle Height

Riding at an extreme height may cause muscle tightness or soreness. It would help if you rode with the right saddle because keeping it too low may cause knee pain. The best solution is to adjust your seat post at an angle of 45°, corresponding to the rider's knee. The following ways will help you to adjust your saddle height.

  • Make sure the saddle width matches your anatomical structure.
  • Check if the saddle's tilt is in the proper position.
  • Make sure the saddle is not too far from the rest of the electric bicycle parts.
  • Keep adjusting the saddle height until you are comfortable with it.
  • If you still have trouble balancing your saddle height, you can visit your local shop to repair it.

6. Stressing the Body

If you experience a fall or accident while riding, you must give yourself some breaks. No rider becomes an expert overnight, so you should ride when you are most active. It is also crucial to stop the bad habit of skipping meals. You need to keep your energy level high and consume the proper nutrients. Thus, avoid branded energy products that could cause stomach upset. It would help if you had sufficient energy to propel through a ride effortlessly.

7. Not Maintaining your Electric Bike

Maintaining your electric bike is not as cost-intensive as you may have thought. An electric bicycle that lacks maintenance will eventually demand excess expenses from the rider. You can follow the maintenance procedures in your manual guide, which is quite simple to implement. Carrying out the following activities will improve your electric bike maintenance level.

  • Avoid putting excess weight on your e-bike, which could strain the battery.
  • Ride less frequently in cold weather to prevent the battery from damaging.
  • Store the electric bike battery under the right temperature, especially the lithium-ion types.
  • Clean the e-bike components with a damp cloth after every usage.
  • Only use a suitable charger to boost your e-bike battery.

8. Not Wearing a Helmet

Understandably, a helmet can be extra baggage due to its heaviness. However, it is best not to go out without a helmet. This is why some countries mandate riders to wear helmets, especially on busy roads. According to the European federal government, wearing a helmet reduces the risk of injury and accident by 37%.

9. Breaking the Law

Make sure you understand your state traffic laws and that you bear them in mind while riding. Most riders pay less attention to the law, which is quite a big deal. It would help if you stopped the habit of disobeying traffic lights, which could cause chaos to other road users. You must follow the riding laws if you often commute on a busy road. This will ensure safety and minimize the risk of a road collision.



Riders also need to break the habit of not having an insurance backup. Although not every country mandates insurance ownership, it is best to subscribe to an insurance package for your safety. Insurance will help you recover a replacement for any stolen or damaged e-bike or its accessories. Thus, good riders protect their electric bicycles at all costs. More so, having a proper financial plan for your electric bike is a habit you can develop over time.


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