Comparison Between Electric Bike Pedal Assist and Throttle: Choosing the Right One for You

Comparison Between Electric Bike Pedal Assist and Throttle: Choosing the Right One for You

There have been several controversies built around electric bikes. New users often confuse the right choice between throttle and pedal-assist bikes. However, the exciting thing is that users get to decide if they want extra help provided by the machine or not. Your choice will determine the best type of e-bike for you. Understandably, it can be pretty challenging to identify the uniqueness of these electric bikes. However, you can make the best decision if you have the correct information and implement the acquired knowledge. This article has detailed information about pedal-assist and throttles e-bike differences to ease your decision-making process.

Overview of Pedal Assist Electric Bike

Pedal-assist e-bikes are commonly found in countries with many cyclists, such as mainland Europe. Contrary to popular opinion, a pedal-assist e-bike is not heavy. However, you may ride on the extra weight when the pedal function is not on.

When riding with the top power support level from the pedal-assist function, riders have a superhuman feeling. However, it is essential to be careful of injuries, which is why it is not recommended in harsh weather conditions. Climbing on the slope is also a pleasant experience, even when you receive low support from the e-bike. Pedal assists are grouped into classes one and three in Canada and US. The highest speed attainable for class one and class three electric bikes is 20 mph and 28 mph, respectively.


Overview of Electric Bike with Throttles

Throttle e-bikes are built into various types and functions. The throttle is usually located on the handlebars or handlebars and directly powers the motor up to top speed without pedalling. Just twist or push the throttle and go!

If you're in traffic or you're exhausted from pedaling, the gas pedal helps you get up to speed. Riders who regularly use the throttle on their bikes may notice less overall battery life per charge.



The Mechanism of Pedal Assist 

E-bike technology is advancing, yielding several designs of the same product. This growth is also seen in several brands in the electric bicycle industry.

When comparing the throttle and the pedal-assist e-bike, the significant difference is in the technical built or mechanism. The technology and operation modes differ.

Engineers install a device known as a sensor, which allows riders to monitor the pedaling pace they ride on. The sensor showcase the level of support a rider gets while pedaling.

Honbike HF01 is built with a triple sensor pedal assist, which enables you to monitor from several regions. These sensors are known as cadence, torque, and gyro. It is a spec not commonly found in most electric bike models. The extra power from an e-bike helps the rider to feel comfortable, especially people familiar with traditional bikes. Once familiar with the mechanism, it is little or no different from a regular bike.

Even though the pedal-assist e-bike is built to provide support, it gives you a chance to adjust to your preferred mode. You can also determine the support level your e-bike should provide.

Also, it would help if you ascertained the maximum level of support you can get based on your province's regulations. Adjusting the pedal assist offers some other benefits beyond speed control. You can control your battery duration and workout intensity. People who want to burn body fat find it easier with the pedal-assist function. This is because they can choose to ride at low speed and increase it whenever they wish. However, a novice is not encouraged to ride beyond the medium assist level. 

The Throttle Ebike Mechanism

Riding a motorcycle is similar to using a throttle e-bike. You get the extra push or power from your e-bike without pedaling. However, your e-bike responds to your desired speed once you twist the handlebar. You can also get an electric bike with both pedal and throttle functions. You can switch off or remove the pedal when you feel it is unnecessary. However, inexperienced riders must locate where the throttle is fixed to put it in the correct position. Hence, riders are always conscious of this while in motion.

Which is the Safest Biking Mode?

There are controversies about the safest between pedal-assist and throttle e-bikes. Generally, pedal e-bikes operate at a higher rate than throttle e-bikes, but it is barely a significant determination while estimating cyclists' speed.

In the long run, the rider decides how much momentum the bike will ride. Whether or not you get support from the machine, you will mostly ride at your most preferred speed.

Riding pedal-assist and throttle e-bikes at the same speed under the exact condition will yield the same safety rate. In reality, the collision rate is also the same. Engineers build their e-bikes with a maximum speed level. This is often a reflection of the regulations governing the usage of electric bikes among their target audience. The Honbike product is built with a 25 km/h top speed, which is reasonable for its European electric bike laws.

Pros and Cons of Pedal Assist and Throttle Electric Bike

Stating the best between pedal-assist and throttle e-bike is unnecessary because each has its strengths and weaknesses. Various riders have preferences, which vary with purpose and capacity. Below are the highlighted differences between pedal-assist and throttle electric bikes.

Pros of Pedal Assist Electric Bike

  • A pedal-assist e-bike gives its rider some intuitive feel, especially if you are familiar with riding traditional bikes.
  • This mode helps riders to go freely without worrying about keeping a throttle in a particular position. Once you pedal, you freely ride for as long a distance as you want to cover.
  • Although pedal-assist is often described as heavy bikes, a quality torque sensor bike has its weight centered at the bottom. If you wish for a light-weighted e-bike, you should consider Honbike products. They lack suspension, reducing about 30% of the machines' weight.
  • The pedal-assist function is preferable for riders who feel heavy on a throttle e-bike.
  • You can perform more effectively as you cover more mileage.

Cons of Pedal Assist Electric Bike

  • Several rules guide pedal-assist usage in most countries, limiting its use among the residents. However, the class one Pedelecs are often acceptable so you can opt for this.
  • Although electric bike prices vary with models and brands, a pedal-assist bike is mostly expensive than a throttle electric bike.
  • Pedal assist is not the best option for riding in traffic. The sudden acceleration function is not as effective as in a throttle e-bike. This implies the bike's power is not well-coordinated, which will be dangerous to ride in towns.
  • You want to avoid a poor cadence sensor at all costs because it can mess up your ride performance.

Pros of Throttle Electric Bike

  • A throttle electric bike is easy to navigate, making it a better choice for busy roads or traffic. Many throttle e-bikes are built with a boost button that helps riders quickly change speed.
  • Throttle e-bike is a flexible option for people riding without pedaling. Meanwhile, the choice to pedal at will is a more significant advantage.
  • Throttle e-bikes are best when you separate them for either mountain climbs or cruise rides.

Cons of Throttle Electric Bike

  • A throttle can either have a good or poor modulation. A poor modulation applies to a sudden change in speed or power. Meanwhile, riders generate power bit by bit in a good modulation. Hence, a throttle e-bike with poor modulation is not the best option for a novice rider.
  • The battery range of a throttle e-bike is usually limited, which means a rider must drive with extra care and measure.
  • The gears in throttle e-bikes are not flexible enough to fit into several local conditions. This happens because most throttle e-bikes use the hub motors, although it is not compulsory.


    Most of the differences in pedal-assist and throttle electric bikes often surface on the trail. Bikers riding on mountain roads may not last long if they use a throttle electric bike. Hence, each cycle has a road type it is best suitable for. They can ride on any road as long as you start the engine, but the effectiveness differs for particular routes. According to your usual riding preferences and the information mentioned in this article, then you will choose the right electric bicycle mode.


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