Even Companies Recognize the Importance of Promoting Cycling to Work

Even Companies Recognize the Importance of Promoting Cycling to Work

Since the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak was over, more people resulted in remote jobs. Hence, there seems to be a shortage of human resources in non-remote work sectors. To encourage individuals to show up at offices, employers must make their work as flexible as possible. Hence, one of the significant measures is promoting riders to cycling to their workplaces. What other reasons contribute to the adoption of cycling among companies?



Measure to Minimize the Spread of COVID-19

COVID-19 is a deadly disease, and not every country has recovered from it yet. Hence, big and small-sized companies need to adopt e-bikes to curb the spread of Covid-19. Riding e-bikes do not expose riders to the risk of contracting the deadly virus. People can go to their workplaces without being congested with public transport or overcrowded areas. If measures are put in office to ensure people barely contact one another, it is only reasonable to reflect it in the modes of transportation.

Cycling with E-bike Reduces Air and Environmental Pollution

Companies focusing on sustaining the green environment must practice what they preach at all levels. For instance, a company that produces only plant-based and eco-friendly products promotes a green environment. Hence, these companies recognize the same effort needs to be passed down to employees' modes of transport. It is only reasonable to ride with an e-bike to support the company's goals.

Other companies that release fossil fuels or carbon substances into the atmosphere during production also recognize the need for cycling with e-bikes. Most of these companies are responsible for the high carbon content in the atmosphere. Governments and agencies are implementing measures to curb the release of carbon into the atmosphere. Hence, companies also show interest in environmental sustainability by encouraging their riders to transport with an e-bike.

Companies Recognize that E-bikes Make Commuting Faster and Easier

When people ride e-bikes to workplaces, they can reach their destination faster. E-bikes are portable, so a rider would not be stuck in traffic as with public transport. Also, e-bikes minimize road hassles that cause a delay for commuters. When staffs reach their respective companies without hesitation, they can get into the day's work as early as possible.

While reaching your destination faster, you can also explore the things around you. This is also important for companies in the travel and tourism sectors. An opportunity to explore places will allow employees to reflect on innovative ideas and strategies.

Improving Employee's Mental Health

Today, there is an increased rate of mental health cases. These mental health cases also reflect on employees' activities in the workplace. When workers' mental well-being is strong, it reflects on their performance. Many cyclists clear their minds when they ride on electric bikes. Riding with other cyclists is also a good experience, viewing nature's beauty.

Companies are also recognizing the impact of cycling in improving employees' hearts. It also reduces the health expenditures to be covered by a company. Since employees will have little or no health complications, companies are more certain to spend less on health emergencies. Although most individuals are responsible for setting up their health insurance, some established companies make provisions for it.

It Helps to Boost the Company's Productivity

Since e-bike manufacturers like Honbike release products that can cover up to 40km, employees can cover a reasonable distance between home and office. When staffs reach their workplaces without appearing sweaty and tired, they are more productive. Hence, companies that want to achieve higher goals for the year are encouraging their staff to own an e-bike. When the company's productivity has been increased, employees can also expect larger incentives. Hence, it is a win for every party involved.

Employees Gaining More Physical Fitness

A physically fit person is more likely to perform better at work than an unfit individual. When employees ride on an e-bike to and fro the workplace daily, they lose some weight. Although the intensity of weight loss varies with how much effort the employee puts into the ride. If you do not have enough time to schedule exercise periods, cycling is an excellent strategy to burn some calories. Studies have shown that people who cycle daily can achieve similar weight loss as jogging.

Being physically fit also improves the staff, thus the company's productivity. This is particularly good for companies that require smart movement among employees. For instance, hotel and restaurant workers who are physically fit can make more brilliant moves, boosting the company's results. Beyond physical fitness, cycling also helps to boost the immune system. It provides the needed amount of vitamin D that stimulates the brain and strengthens the bone muscles. The vitamin D nutrient, when obtained sufficiently, protects the body against diseases and illnesses.

Helping to Improve Riders Overall Lifestyle

It could be overwhelming trying to fulfill huge tasks at your workplace. Hence, the mind is occupied, trying to reach the company's target. When this happens, the mind is less relaxed, while the employee may find it difficult to sleep. Companies encourage cycling so that employees can overcome sleep challenges.

Research has revealed a correlation between cardio fitness and sound sleep pattern. You will have a quality sleep pattern when you engage the mind. Also, cycling keeps the mind away from the screen. Excess screen time also affects sleep quality.

Employees Get to Save More Money

Companies that minimize their employees' expenses encourage them to commute with e-bikes. E-bikes only require their riders to charge up their batteries without worrying about changes in fuel prices. Since you are not paying for gas fee, you can save yourself some more cash.

When you ride an Honbike product with a detachable battery, you are less bothered about running out of power. You can easily replace a battery with another while you continue to enjoy your journey. Also, high-quality batteries from reputable brands like Honbike are usually long-lasting. Honbike implemented measures such as putting a sealing sheet on the battery keyhole to prevent dust and dirt from being trapped inside.

Maintaining a vehicle is expensive, which can be overwhelming for a low-salary earner. Also, employees spend a smaller percentage of their salary on transportation. If you are still using a vehicle, you should consider opting for an e-bike. It saves you from parking fees, tax, and insurance expenses.

Riding E-bike is Fun!

Beyond the health and environmental benefits of e-bikes, they are fun to ride! Companies can use e-bike rides as an avenue for staff to bond together. You can have your childhood memories even while you work at an older age. The fun part of riding an e-bike is helping people to delve into their daily tasks with a feeling of exhilaration. Make sure to observe your surroundings while at it. Commuting to work will be fun, as you anticipate every day.


The trend to encourage more employees to cycling to work isn't just about financial gain. Many big companies see cycling programs as part of good corporate citizenship and a way to promote green policies while reducing their carbon footprint. This is just one of the ways businesses are fulfilling their responsibility to help communities.





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