What Are Factors Affecting Your Electric Bike Range?

What Are Factors Affecting Your Electric Bike Range?

For those who like to ride long distances, the cruising range is one of the parameters they care about most. Although Honbike has increased its mileage in the latest product U4, some HF01 riders also feel like increasing their e-bike range. The good news is that every HF01 buyer will receive a free battery package worth $300, so as to double your mileages.

Apart from the extra battery provision, what other ways can you increase your bike range? 


Factors Responsible for Electric Bikes Distance

Although every manufacturer has a specific maximum distance for each product, some of your activities may tweak the standard range. Fortunately, you can adjust these conditions to your advantage.

Riding Speed

Even though you are traveling a long distance, you need to slow down your e-bike speed—the higher the speed, the lower the battery's range capacity. Also, riding fast tends to consume a lot of power, which may also drain the battery. Reducing your riding speed lowers the chance of running out your bike's power output.

E-bikes Assist Level

One of the possible reasons you barely cover a wide range is due to a high level of assistance from your bike's pedal feature. When the help you get from your pedal is high, you can expect the battery to run down quickly. You will cover more range when you ride on a minimal assist level.

Non-Corresponding Gear

In most cases, the e-bike's gear should correspond to the speed's gear for effective performance. This means the higher the speed, the higher the gear, and vice versa. Since a reduced speed is needed to cover a longer distance, a lowered gear is also required. Most riders want to show off their gear level, especially while cycling in a group. However, this will over-work the electric motor and stretch the gear.

Riding with Deflated Tires

Another common factor responsible for e-bike range is deflated tires. This drags your e-bike, which in turn affects the electric motor. The electric motor will need to over-stretch to help the tire move on the road. Hence, make sure to confirm that the e-bike tires are in good condition before taking them out.

Using Heavy Tires

Riding with heavy, rough tires could drag the e-bike, slowing its range. This also affects the general weight of the e-bike. As a result, cyclists are often advised to choose light-weighted e-bikes for their sports activities. If you are using heavy tires in hilly areas, it will greatly affect your speed. Although thick tires may be the best option for sandy areas, you want to consider your commute frequency in such an environment. Also, purchasing tires with rubber blocks is unnecessary, especially if you are not riding off-road. More so, Honbike has the best e-bikes with thin and smooth tires you may ever need to cover a more extended range journey.

Heavier Weight than the E-bike

For every e-bike, there is a maximum weight level each can accommodate. The power will exhaust quickly if your e-bike is overused with extra weight. As a result, it may run down in the middle of your trip, reducing the mileage you were expected to cover. Most riders also need to avoid carrying excess loads on a journey. You may need to recheck your traveling bag and take out unnecessary items.

A Worn-Out Battery

Typically, battery performance will reduce as years pass by. You may expect that your e-bike range capacity will diminish as well. Meanwhile, reputable e-bike manufacturers should be able to give a minimum of two years' warranty. This implies that your battery should be in good condition for two years, provided it is a premium product. Hence, the best solution will be to replace your battery if you have been using it for a long time. Fortunately, European and US residents can easily order a battery replacement for their Honbike products. The shipping is much easier in these places, and you may even be lucky to get a discount on the purchase.



How Honbike Can Ease your Mileage Worries

Beyond the factors highlighted above, there are specific ways to boost your e-bike's range. Firstly, you must use a premium e-bike model, particularly from Honbike. Whether you choose from HF01 or U4, you can be sure to reach a reasonable range.

Quality Lithium-ion Battery

Some users leave their batteries uncharged for a long time due to non-usage. This poses a threat to the lifespan or performance of your battery. Hence, the best solution is to keep your battery recharged up to 50%. Meanwhile, research has revealed that lithium-ion batteries can even perform effectively at 50%, which is the battery type used in Honbike HF01. The HF01 Honbike is built as a 432 Wh integrated lithium-ion battery.

Foldable Design Makes Charge Easier

As an electric folding bike, Honbike HF01 can be folded in 15 seconds, this also allows you to cover a broader range than usual. You can increase your capacity by splitting your commute mode of transportation. However, a flexible e-bike will enable you to pack it into your vehicle efficiently. The HF01 kickstand and pedals are foldable, contributing to the rider's comfort. The folding process usually takes place at the handle and frame region in four simple steps.

Long Range Features Vs Lightweight Battery

In most cases, an electric bike's ability to cover a wide range mainly depends on its battery capacity. In the long run, your battery's quality determines the mileage you can cover on a journey. As our first belt-driven electric bike, a single-charged U4 e-bike is expected to cover between 90-100km. You may experience slight differences due to other internal and external factors, which have been discussed.

The Honbike HF01 battery only covers 40 km on a single charge, while it only weighs 1.26 kg. This helps you to carry an extra battery while on a journey. You are also less worried about theft because the battery is packaged with a lock. This allows you to remove the keys, as you ensure the battery's safety while parking it in a crowded space. It is also built with a waterproof material, making it withstand cold climates or temperatures. With these added benefits from Honbike HF01, it is a great deal that the company is giving out extra batteries to US residents or owners.



Riders must also consider storage temperature and e-bike maintenance to increase mileage. The necessary information is usually provided in the manual's guide. For instance, the Honbike batteries are best stored at room temperature to improve their capacity. By doing so, you can be sure to cover a wider mileage with proper care and maintenance. Also, Honbike users who get extra batteries from the brand need to prevent dirt from getting stuck in the battery. This mainly applies when the battery is not in use or it is not cleaned after every usage. When dirt or mud is stuck in the battery, it increases its weight, affecting the e-bike's ability to cover longer distances.


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