Honbike U4 : Best Choice of Your First E-bike

Honbike U4 : Best Choice of Your First E-bike

If you plan to join the electric bike trend, Honbike U4 might be your best choice of first e-bike. Undoubtedly, there are several e-bike models in the transportation market; why should you choose Honbike U4? You will discover more unique features of this product as you read the article further.



Increased E-bike's Range

Many cyclists are often drawn back due to the inability to cover a long mileage on a single charge. Honbike has recognized this need and decided to launch an electric bike that solves the common problem. Riders can now reach 52miles on a single charge, which definitely meets the needs of most urban cyclists.

Improved Battery Pack and Capacity

The Honbike U4 battery can be fully charged for 4-4.5 hours, with an integrated lithium-ion of 432Wh. This lihium-ion battery type performs better with higher power output than its lead-acid counterpart. The integrated battery design ensures that your battery will not encounter external erosion, especially in rainy and snowy weather.

Belt Drive System with Maitenance-free Service

The belt drive system of Honbike U4 is 10,000km maintenance-free. This makes it the best option for every intending electric bike user. It is much easier to use and maintain and is a better chain-drive alternative. Since the belt drive lacks a chain, it causes no noise, ensuring a smooth and comfortable riding experience. This does not cause a mess, often resulting from the grease applied to chain-drive e-bikes. Also, the Honbike U4 uses the Gates Carbon belt drive, a premium drive type, among others. Gates Carbon belt drive is highly recognized and is only present in top-rated or luxurious bicycles.

High Ratio Rear Hub Motor

A motor is an integral component of an e-bike, influencing its overall performance. Hence, it would help if you had an e-bike with a quality motor that would yield a preferred power output and speed. Honbike U4 uses a rear hub motor, which is ideal for a full power output of 350W. With the motor type, riders can achieve 36V and 20mph, which also apply to most countries with many e-bike users. Honbike U4 is also built with a gear reduction transmission. This leads to lesser battery power consumption, increasing the chance of reaching a long distance or mileage.

Advanced Technology Input

As technology advances, it is also reflected in Honbike's productions. The latest U4 model has a handlebar display. The display will alert riders of the speed they are riding at and allow them to respond appropriately. It increases the certainty level of riders and makes them feel less anxious while on the bike. Honbike U4 also uses 7000 series aircraft-grade aluminum. This aluminum material supports friction and contributes to the sleek-frame design, usually 6000 series aluminum, is more common in regular e-bike models.

Another advanced technology input is automatic uphill assistance. This assistance is made possible with the built-in gyroscope. It also has a shock absorber mechanism that allows riders to respond appropriately to a sudden change in motion. The brake level design is also ergonomic, enhancing quicker brake interaction. Thus, this minimizes the risks associated with riders climbing uphill areas.

In addition, Honbike U4 comes with three riding modes, allowing riders to adapt to different terrains. You can also connect to the Honbike App via the built-in Bluetooth in your U4 e-bike. The App can help riders track their speed and covered distance.

Top Three Criteria for Choosing Your First E-bike

Having known the Honbike U4 features, what other criteria should you look out for when buying first e-bike? The three top criteria recommended by this article are: ideal weight, maintenance, and budget.

The E-bike's Weight

The weight of your electric bicycle should be suitable for your body size. If both weights do not align, it causes discomfort while riding.  The Honbike U4 weighs about 20.2kg, which is ideal for riders with heights between 1.6 - 1.9m. 

Low Maintenance Fee

Of course, you don't want your e-bike to have any problems requiring repairs, but sometimes you can't guarantee that everything will be perfect all the time. In addition to considering the purchase of a quality electric bike, the maintenance policies offered by the bike company are also important. At present, Honbike provides a certain degree of maintenance-free service for both of our products, which makes every cyclist more worry-free.

Your Budget

Having a budget will help you to identify when an e-bike is right for you or not. Although e-bikes are relatively cheap in most countries, there are luxurious options. Hence, plan a budget for your e-bike and the maximum price range you cannot exceed. Fortunately, the Honbike U4 is an affordable model, even with the added benefits. The e-bike costs about €1.699,00, which is affordable for almost every interested user.


You have made a smart decision if you have chosen Honbike U4 as your first e-bike. It is user-friendly, with a minimalist design that fits the trending bicycle styles. The bike's handle is rounded compared to the regular sharp design. Meanwhile, this is a more acceptable e-bike style for many millennials and GenZ. Get yourself a Honbike U4 today while supporting the green environment with a high-quality electrically powered bike.


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