Electric Bike Maintenance: How to Keep your E-bike like Brand New

Electric Bike Maintenance: How to Keep your E-bike like Brand New

Maintaining your electric bike will improve its durability and even enhance its performance. Meanwhile, maintaining an e-bike is not very different from a regular bicycle. You only need to be extra cautious of the battery and bike motor. It is also best to schedule a time frame for cleaning and caring for your electric bike. However, you may want to focus on some components than others. For instance, the drivetrain system would require more maintenance than other parts, especially if it is a chain drive.

Cleaning your Electric Bike Regularly

The first step to e-bike maintenance is carrying out a proper cleaning procedure. If the drivetrain is filled with dirt and mud, it could drag the e-bike motion. Remove any dirt from the drive train to improve your electric bike efficiency. You can use a degreaser to wipe off the dirt in your derailleur. Thus, choose an electric bike model that you can easily clean without dismantling the components, such as the shaft and belt drive system.


Taking Care of Your Electric Bike Battery

Taking care of your e-bike battery starts from the washing phase. To minimize water damage, you should avoid washing procedures such as a jet wash. You should also avoid submerging the whole electric bike into a pool of water. Thus, you may wonder, how do you care for an integrated battery? You can clean an integrated battery with a damp cloth. The dampness will quickly erase the dirt and make the battery appear as though it was new.

An alternative to an integrated battery is the removable battery set. The batteries are possibly removable if you are riding any of the Honbike models. You can charge remotely without needing to carry your electric bike around. It also makes wiping off the battery dirt easier than the integrated battery option.

Whether you have an integrated or removable battery, you must follow an appropriate charging procedure. Once the battery is fully charged, you need to disconnect it from the power source. Make sure to store an unused battery at room temperature without exposing it to extreme cold or heat. Also, avoid placing the battery in an area with direct exposure to sunlight.

Taking Care of Your Electric Bike Motor

In most cases, motors are the last components to wear out. This is because a motor has a unit that protects it from damage. Any damage to your e-bike motor will likely be fixed by the manufacturing brand or a professional repairer. Nevertheless, riders can play some roles in improving motors' lifespan. When some parts of the e-bike do not function appropriately, it may also affect the e-bike motor. This is particularly true for the controller. The controller is usually located at the handlebar, which determines the motor responds to the pressure on the bars. If your controller is in good shape, you can receive assistance from your e-bike motor without restriction.

Taking Care of Your Electric Bike Tires

You must also clean your e-bike tires regularly to find out if they are under-inflated. Unless you regularly check your tire, it may take a while to discover that it has been punctured. Do not struggle with the ride when you find out your battery tire is punctured. Use your mini repair kit if you do not have a professional nearby. Thus, endeavor to always carry your repair kit with you. You may consider installing a rack on your e-bike, making it easy to carry extra loads.

Hub motors are usually difficult to fix, but remove the electric bike wheel, to ease the repair process. Then, go ahead to remove the tube by using a tire lever. Inflate the tube, or install a new one if the previous one is damaged beyond repair. Once satisfied with the tube condition, you can fix the e-bike wheel. However, you will need to understand the basics of connecting and disconnecting an electric bike wire if you work with hub motors.

Pay Attention to the E-bike Response While Riding

If any of your electric bike components has started malfunctioning, you can quickly identify it while riding. If you notice any strange noise from your electric bike, you should fix it in a repair shop before your next ride. However, it is expected that a chain electric bike would make some noise, but it would not be as loud as disturbing the neighborhood. If your e-bike makes an awful noise, the bolts holding the drive system are probably loose. Thus, paying attention to your e-bike while riding will prevent you from overspending on repair costs.

What is the Cost of Maintaining an Electric Bike?

The cost of maintenance varies on several factors, including the maintenance requirement, your province, the bike type, and many others. For instance, it would cost you more to maintain a chained bicycle than a chainless bicycle. Also, some provinces offer cheap maintenance services based on proximity to the needed tools, while others provide expensive services. On a general note, research has shown that most e-bike owners spend between $100 and $150 to service their electric bicycles. The service could also be as costly as $300, provided you will buy new materials or tools. However, you can minimize the expenses by learning to maintain an electric bike yourself. You may even rent out some of your tools or offer mini repair services, which would also earn you some income.


Apart from carrying out the maintenance procedures above, you must ensure you buy quality electric bikes and components. These two factors will determine how well you can enjoy your electric bike. Moreover, external factors such as excessive weight may affect the e-bike's lifespan. This is why it is essential to confirm the maximum weight capacity of your electric bicycle. Overloading your electric bike may overwork the motor system. Thus, know all the necessary information about your electric bicycle care before taking it out.

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