Is Folding E-Bike Good For Exercise?

Is Folding E-Bike Good For Exercise?

E-bike provides an extensive range of benefits, including the ability to get you perfectly fit, travel long distances faster, allow you to experience the immersive fun of cycling, and serve as a great substitute for green commuting.

It is also great for exercise, like cycling with a normal bike where you still have to pedal and churn down your body calories, but with a lesser effort and a bit easier.

While when it comes to the foldable version, how does it preform? 

What are Foldable Electric Bikes?

If you pay attention to electric bike riders these days, you would probably see people riding a foldable electric bike or lifting it in such a way that makes you wonder if that’s the traditional electric bike you’re accustomed to. With the advancement in technology and human-centric designs, we at Honbike are providing a revolutionized means of city transport that is less expensive, suitable for the environment, more compatible than a motorcycle or scooter, and easy to transport from place to place with minimal storage space. That’s where folding E-bikes comes to play.

Folding e-bikes are easy to compress and carry or store in the home, office, or travel with when not in use. Compared to the normal electric bikes,portable electric bikes come with a few unique parts that are easy to assemble, fold, and replace, thus saving you a lot of energy when assembling and transporting. 



Does Folding E-bike Provide Good Workout?

If you are yet to make use of an electric bike, here’s an opportunity for you to discover some of the fitness benefits of owning one. Electric bikes are regular bicycles with a touch of innovative advancement. They have a battery-powered pedal assist that helps you pedal more conveniently through city terrains without gassing out. The pedal assist allows you to gain a faster pace with a lesser amount of hard work and fitness, hence giving you a superhuman kind of feeling.

With foldable e-bikes, you have the off chance of getting fit when cycling to work, going on a fitness ride with friends, or a drag race to the store, every rider would feel satisfied with the result derived from these activities. 

Let's examine how folding electric bikes can serve as a means of good exercise.

Get Your Heart rate Up

Cycling on a normal bike is regarded as vigorous exercise. Assuming you weigh 150 pounds, you get to burn out over 430 to 560 calories every hour when cycling at a speed of 10 to 14 mph. However, for a person of the same weight using a pedal-assist foldable E-bike, such a person will only require half the amount of energy and burn about 280 calories.

The energy utilized in pedaling a regular bicycle and that used for an electric bike is compared to running and brisk walking. Both serve as a good form of exercise, but where one is vigorous, the other is soft and requires minimal stress. Depending on the power setting you have, level of pedal-assistance, or how hard you ride ( probably you’re carrying a load), you can lose about 390 calories per hour with a foldable E-bike.

Ultimately, you don’t require much effort when using an electric bike for exercise. The calorie burn is equivalent to walking and higher than driving. Our folding Honbike ChainFree One has five levels of pedal assist, allowing you to still get your heart rate up in a very comfortable way, which is a good exercise. If you need to burn more calories, all you have to do is reduce the pedal assist levels.

Guarantees Health Benefits

If you are just getting out of the bed and decide to go for some fitness activities, folding E-bikes provide significant health benefits for riders due to their state-of-the-art design. Assuming you ride three days a week at a minimum of 40 minutes in a month, you would have increased your fitness level, cut down on fats, and have an improved blood sugar level.

Avenue for Electric Bike Rider to Ride More

Owning a folding electric bike can surprisingly increase the frequency at which you ride. A recent survey conducted with 1,800 e-bike owners in North America indicated that before owning an electric bike, 55% of them rode daily or weekly. But at the point of purchasing an E-bike, the number of individuals who rode daily or weekly increased to 91%. Interestingly, 94% of individuals who don’t love cycling initially started riding every day or weekly after purchasing an electric bike. 

The foldable and chainless electric bike designed by Honbike comes with patented Monotork shaft drive system that redefines the E-bike possibilities. It gives you a trouble-free experience and enables you to carry out your driving errands while covering a more robust distance and increasing your fitness value. With a more reliable level of speed of about 25 km/h, it is an alternative to leisurely riding to work or exploring areas in your neighborhood. 

Enhances Your Ability to Ride on Recovery Days

If you’re stressed out from yesterday’s activities or you find yourself sitting on the couch to recover from a minor sickness, electric bikes can help you to recover properly. Assuming you are residing on the streets of San Francisco or other areas palatable for the use of electric bikes, you can simply go on a cruise ride with your E-bike. 

This enables you to take into your system the freshness of the environment, allows for blood circulation, wash out the metabolic wastes in your body system, and enhances your recovery process. It also gives you blood rich in the necessary nutrients to help you go hard when on your next ride.

A Better Fun Experience with Low Intensity

Having a steady heart rate when riding on a traditional bike is quite challenging. However, with the Honbike HF01, you can adjust the settings to one of its lower power modes which gives you a steady heart rate and allows you to cover more distances than you would if you’re using a regular bike and want to maintain a steady heart rate.

Our foldable design comes with a Tri-sensor system that provides riders with the right balance when riding. It auto balances your riding experience and lets you ride at a better-calculated pace that is efficient in maintaining keeping your heart rate low and also delivering a safer riding experience.

Bottom Line

Folding E-bikes are a more suitable means of having a body exercise that can be accessed by both teenagers and adults. You get to enjoy a daily form of fitness experience that does not leave you short of breath and heaving heavily. At Honbike, we are focused on designing unique electric bike products that are suitable for enhancing your overall health with minimal stress levels. We have exquisite foldable designs that are sure to fit your style and size.


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