Removable or Hidden E bike Battery? All You Should Know

Removable or Hidden E bike Battery? All You Should Know


Before you buy your next electric bike, there are certain factors you want to consider. Among other factors, e-bike battery is an essential component as it usually determine your bike performance level. However, batteries are in different types and sizes, they can either be removable or integrated, each with its pros and cons. Although many people reduce integrated and removable batteries differences to looks, they have more features. These characteristics can determine if it meets an intending rider's needs or not.

What are Integrated Batteries?

Integrated batteries are rather fixed to the bike's frame. Another name for integrated batteries is hidden batteries. The main advantage of integrated batteries is enhanced durability. Since it is mounted within the bike frame, it is not exposed to harsh weather conditions like storms. The battery is also hidden from wetness, which could cause corrosion.




Overview of Removable Batteries

Removable batteries are more commonly seen in modern electric bikes. They can either be a removable front frame or detachable rear rack batteries. The main difference is in the location. As the names imply, the former is located at the front frame, and the latter is at the rear rack region. We place the battery of Honbike HF01 at the middle centre of the bike's frame. 

Benefits of E-bike with Detachable Batteries

Removable batteries are popular nowadays because of their added benefits. Due to the tight schedule in people's daily activities, they want to move their electric bicycles around quickly. Other benefits of removable batteries are further highlighted below.

  • Easy to Charge

Undoubtedly, removable batteries are easy to charge, as users can either choose to charge on or off the ebike. It is the perfect choice for a vacation, picnic, or trip. You can easily take your battery to a charging center without worrying about the extra load of moving your electric bike around. It also helps riders to charge their batteries in their work environment. You simply need to unlock the frame and detach the battery. The battery of Honbike HF01 can be fully charged for about 3.5-4 hours, which is short enough not to cause a delay in your journey.

  • Easy to Replace

Contrary to integrated batteries, you can easily replace a removable battery. You do not need any technical knowledge before replacing a battery. As for HF01 users, you can also take an extra battery to double your range As it only weighs 1.26kg. However, you must follow certain safety precautions while removing your e-bike's battery.

  1. Insert the key gently into the battery lock.
  2. Use your other hand to support the battery to prevent it from crashing on the floor.
  3. Removing the Honbike battery will require you to do it clockwise.
  4. Once the battery has been successfully detached, pull out the key.
  5. Fold the stand, and release it back into the compartment.

    Cons of Removable Batteries

    Removable batteries have a few disadvantages, which are further listed below.

    1. They are prone to theft compared to integrated batteries.
    2. Removable batteries are apparent and enormous. However, the innovations ongoing in the ebike industry have yielded light-weighted removable batteries. For instance, the HF01 battery weighs 1.26 kg, a reasonable weight with much flexibility.

      Advantages of E-bike with Integrated Batteries

      Although removable batteries are popular and more adopted, hidden batteries serve their benefits.

      1. Most integrated batteries are lightweight.
      2. E-bikes with integrated batteries are designed to give a streamlined appearance. However, this is not a setback for removable batteries, as manufacturers' expert level mainly determines an e-bike design.
      3. Integrated electric bikes are the best option for garage storage since you will have access to a charging point.
      4. Minimal theft risk since it is not easily removable.
      5. The batteries require low maintenance because they are not exposed to dirt or dust.

        Shortcomings of Hidden Batteries

        1. Hidden batteries are not easy to move around.
        2. Replacing an integrated battery is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort.
        3. They are pretty expensive than removable batteries.

          Features to Consider When Buying Ebike Batteries

          The critical differences between integrated and removable batteries should help make good buying decisions, but there are other features to consider.

          • Battery Lock

          You need to ensure your electric bike has a battery lock that minimizes theft. This helps riders to park their e-bikes at ease without worrying about the bike being stolen. However, this applies if you ride an electric bicycle with a removable battery.

          • Battery Size

          Every removable battery exists in different sizes. Understanding your commuting range will help in choosing the suitable size for you. This will help determine the extra weight you can carry while shopping or riding off-road. Also, the battery is an essential component of an e-bike and can influence its weight. Thus, there is a specific weight for different riders' body sizes.

          • Battery Power

          The range is also critical in choosing the best battery power rate. For instance, a 300Wh implies that the battery will run down after one hour. Confirm if your battery will survive the range you are riding or not. Meanwhile, the Honbike Uni4 can cover up to 52 miles on a single charge, meeting the daily needs of urban cyclists.

          How to Extend your E-bike Battery Life

          Battery's durability varies with quality and brand type. However, a rider's maintenance proficiency determines how long a battery lasts. If you want your battery to be in good shape for a long time, here are the maintenance processes to implement.

          1. Avoid using your battery on red: A rider needs to learn to charge a battery before it runs down. When a battery keeps running down, it gets weaker over time.
          2. Avoid overcharging your battery:Even if you are riding a long distance, overcharging the e-bike batteries is not the best solution. Instead, take the extra fully charged battery while on the journey. Also, you should know your battery's charging time. If you use the Honbike Uni4, the charging time is between 4-4.5 hours. Whenever your battery is fully charged before this duration, please do not leave it plugged into the socket.
          3. Do not use a warm battery: Allowing your battery to cool off before usage boosts its longevity. It would help to let it cool off after charging before putting it in the e-bike.
          4. Proper storage condition:Storing your e-bike battery in an extremely hot or cold temperature could reduce its lifespan. It would help if you did not also expose your battery to harsh weather, such as heavy rainfall. The manufacturer's manual guide usually states the appropriate storage condition for every battery.


          Not every rider can easily identify whether an electric bike has a removable or integrated battery. The positions of the batteries are the easiest way to determine if it is removable or not. Meanwhile, it is not difficult to detach a removable battery from an electric bicycle. The integrated batteries are usually placed in the front region of the frame. In the real sense, integrated batteries can be removed, but you will need some technical tools or equipment. With the differences highlighted in this article, you can decide if you want to stress through removing an integrated battery or not.

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