7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Shaft Drive E-bikes

7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Shaft Drive E-bikes

Have you always wanted a bicycle that offers a clean look, minimal maintenance, and easy ride? 

If so, a shaft drive e-bike will be your best bet.  It doesn’t require chains or belts before transferring energy from the motor to the rear wheel and also enables you to go places without feeling worn out and all sweaty. 

By standard, when you think of a bicycle in general, what comes to mind is a two-wheel vehicle connected with a chain and pedal for propelling movement and has a body and handle for controlling direction. The chain in these bikes converts the energy generated by the leg muscles when pedaling and the desired balance. This has been the modus operandi for nearly 150 years. Then how does a shaft drive e-bike work?

To help your decision to own one of these unique masterpieces, we will define what a shaft drive is, explain its characteristics, and provide you with reasons why you should buy one. 


What is a Shaft Drive Bike?


Bikes that use a shaft drive system composed of an aluminum case that encloses a shaft bevel gears on both sides of the bike is a shaft drive bike. When you press on the pedal, it generates an energy that flows through the shaft and gears to enable movements in the bike’s wheel.

Since they use a shaft instead of chains and are covered with an aluminum case to protect them from external elements such as dirt, water, and rust, which enhances their durability and offers longer years of usage. Shaft drives were usually found in trucks, cars, and industrial machinery until they were applied to electric bikes.

Should You Buy Shaft Drive E-bikes?

Yes, it is. Let's consider the fundamental reason why a shaft drive electric bike is good for you.

They are Starters' Delight

Whenever you decide to shop for an electric bike, you will realize that there are several options with different drive types. However, if you are a first-time rider, the shaft drive bike is a much better option for you because they are smart and minimalist. Such as Honbike HF01, it only has 57 parts, which is easy to install, also the hill start assist technology helps riders changing pedals easily when uphill.

They Offer a Smooth and Noiseless Drive Experience

Shaft driven bikes come with a unibody wheel design that does not rattle when riding. The bike components are tightly fused, reducing the frequent position change that may occur while cycling. The shaft drive is lubricated to ensure that the body parts move smoothly and constantly.

No Chain Means No Fuss

The problem of regularly applying grease to the chains of regular bikes and the fear of them falling off or losing their grip can be avoided with a shaft drive bike. There are no exposed parts in a shaft drive bike, so you don’t have to be concerned about your pants getting entangled with your bike's chain. You need not worry about clearing any dirt or debris with a shaft drive bike because the shaft drive system is enclosed in an aluminum casing. 

They are Easy to Maintain

Maintaining a shaft drive bike is much easier than regular chain drive bikes. You won’t need to stain your hands by messing with any metal parts or greasy lubricants. Although shaft drive bikes come a little more expensive, you would probably spend a similar amount maintaining chain bikes in the long run. If you efficiently use the shaft drive bike, you may not be concerned with maintenance costs for a longer time. This is due to the casing that shields it from external exposure or damage.

The patented shaft drive electric bike produced by Honbike is tested and has a proven free-maintenance attribute. This allows you to travel long distances without fear of your gears skipping and stopping for maintenance or mishaps.

They are Efficient in Bad Conditions

Shaft drive bikes are designed with an internal gear hub that enables them to thrive in bad weather conditions. This makes it suitable for riding on rough terrains and long distances. If shaft drive bikes could function efficiently in bad conditions, imagine their performance in good weather conditions.

Easy Access to the Rear Wheel Region

Most shaft drive bikes, such as the Honbike HF01 models, are designed to allow quick access to the rear wheel region. It has the shaft drive system fused to the bike's end, enabling a more accessible wheel balance and movement.

Boosts the Benefits of Folding

The minimal body part allows for its foldable design. Additionally, you don't have to go carefully around a dirty bike chain to fold your bike, the whole process is faster and easier. If you risk greasy forearms or sleeves every time you pick it up, the benefits of a folding bike are less appealing.


Shaft Drive bikes are uncommon but you can easily find one at Honbike. With 40000 KM free maintenance service, it is right time to get one.

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