Can You Ride Electric Bikes in a Skirt or Dress? Safety Tips

Can You Ride Electric Bikes in a Skirt or Dress? Safety Tips

In the hot season, skirts are undoubtedly women's favorite summer wear. But there's nothing more disappointing than realizing that it's not suitable for cycling as your skirt may get stuck on the spokes during the ride. However, you can still ride e-bikes in a skirt or dress if you keep these safety measures in mind.




Considering your Dress or Skirt Length

Although you can be safe with a skirt or dress, you must consider the length. If your skirt is too full or long, it raises some concerns. It is better when you wear a skirt above knee length. You can also try the midi style, provided the dress is flexible and slim. A long skirt or dress can accidentally swing with your wheel, except you tie the edges into a knot. This is better than letting your maxi dress flow freely over the e-bike.

Wearing Shorts Under Layered Dresses or Skirts

If you are wearing a layered dress, you can wear some shorts underneath. With this, you are more comfortable and feel safer than before. A short may not change your dress style, but it helps cover the thighs if you are very concerned about this. It is also a method to keep your body warm, especially in harsh weather. You can also wear leggings as an alternative to shorts.


Let's Talk about the Shoes

A rider is more at risk when high heels are paired with long skirts or dresses. Make sure to get a comfy sneaker that will not cause you to strain your legs too much. When your lower body is not comfortable, it could cause pain. E-bikes should be fun to ride while helping a rider to achieve essential purposes.


If you cannot wear sneakers, you can also go for flats. However, flats are not as comfy as sneakers when riding on sloppy grounds. It is only common sense not to complicate your ride by wearing high heels with a maxi dress. Improving your riding skill also helps you to cope with an impromptu situation. It is possible to have no choice but ride with a heel and maxi dress in unforeseen circumstances. However, your skill will determine how well you can control your e-bike without letting your dress get in the way. Hence, every rider should undergo regular training, even when they do not ride an e-bike daily.


Make Sure to Wear a Helmet

You need to bear in mind that not only your e-bike will be on the road when riding. You need to wear a fitting helmet for protection against accident or head collision. Usually, Honbike produces its e-bikes following European requirements. One of the leading requirements is the mandatory helmet for every rider in some European countries. Hence, you also need to check with your province's rules. If a slip happens from wearing a long skirt, you are sure your head is free from injuries.


Make sure you get a helmet of the same quality as that of professional cyclists. Helmets are built with purpose, so you can be sure they will serve as protection tools. Some helmets are even made with features such as headlights. This allows you to light up the road when riding in darker areas.


Follow the Foot and Wheeled Traffic

Not every pedestrian is familiar with seeing e-bikes on the road, so you need to follow the road signals or rules. Avoid turning on your speed to a higher level in the middle of the road. A sudden change in speed will primarily risk the safety of the pedestrians and other riders on the road. It will be more disastrous when your long skirt misses a hit on your pedaled e-bike. Be vigilant when riding on the side road and the main street.


Do Not Neglect your Riding Speed

New riders are often guilty of being careless while riding on the road. If you cannot read your speed from the bike's handle, you can directly ask your manufacturer or bike vendor. Each cycle is designed with a maximum speed at which it can cover. The top speed for an Honbike product is 25 km/h. Meanwhile, this is the legal speed for many EU and North American e-bike laws.


Overspeeding in a dress or skirt is highly dangerous for a rider. This is because it is more difficult to suddenly stop your bike's movement when your dress covers the brake system. You should study the area before riding at top speed if unfamiliar with the environment. Also, you can try hanging with some buddies that ride in the same fashion style. With this, you can practically learn from other experienced riders.

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