The Truths about Folding Electric Bikes You Should Know

The Truths about Folding Electric Bikes You Should Know

In recent years, folding electric bicycles have gained the favor of many cyclists, especially urban commuters, while a number of debates around their functions also exist. Many users believe that foldable electric bikes are slower in speed and difficult in ride. In this post, let's explore the truth of this popular e-bike model.

What is a Folding E-bike?

It is more possible to build misconceptions around folding e-bikes when you do not understand how it works. Folding e-bikes are specially designed from the regular bike framework. The components are flexible, allowing you to fold them into smaller sizes. You can enjoy a smooth ride while easily folding and unfolding your e-bike. Many folding e-bikes are also adjustable, providing the maximum comfort for riders as much as possible. If you often have a stressful day, you need a folding e-bike for some leisure time.

Are Foldable E-bikes Slower?

In terms of speed, e-bikes have a bigger advantage than regular bicycles. Therefore, the speed of folding electric bicycles can definitely meet your daily needs. Honbike products can be ridden at 25km/h, which is also a limited range in most countries. If you experience any lag in your e-bike speed, you can get around this with the engine. Also, you may need some time to get used to your electric motor so you can ride at a reasonable speed.

Are Electric Folding Bikes Safe?

Some potential users believe that the folding e-bike is easily damaged. If you're buying one on the cheap price, you may be in for such misfortune, but most of the foldable electric bikes on the market are built with sturdy and durable components. There are less burdensome due to the absence of extra weight in the hinge and joint areas, making them much stronger on the road than regular electric bikes. As for the Honbike HF01, we used the Monotork shaft drive system on this folding electric bike, which not only improves durability but also creates a cleaner ride.

Benefits of Electric Folding Bike


Folding E-bikes can Occupy Small Spaces

Commuting has been challenging for many people who work on-site. As a result, many companies encourage their staff to commute with e-bikes. Since folding bikes are portable, they occupy a small space. You can create a space for it in your workplace, provided it does not break the official rules. Fortunately, some office buildings have e-bike racks, so every bike owner would not need to worry about parking fees.

Vehicles are not easy to move around like folding e-bikes, and the enormous amount of parking fees can be discouraging. There is nothing as user-friendly as having an easy-to-use transportation mode. Since you can place your e-bike close to your working space, it reduces the risk of theft.

Foldable E-bikes are Highly Valuable

If you are looking into investing in the transportation sector, you should consider buying a folding e-bike. A folding bike holds much more value than most other e-bike models. You can be sure to purchase foldable e-bikes now and be able to resell them at a higher value in the nearest future.

Ebike manufacturers have kept producing new designs and frames in recent years. Hence, there is a high possibility of upgrading your e-bike to a more preferred model. This is particularly true for e-bike enthusiasts who want to enjoy the product value as much as possible. 

Electric Folding Bikes are Easy to Move Around

One of the responses of e-bikes to post-covid adoption is enhanced mobility. The government placed strict rules on transportation, and every individual is required to maintain social distance. If you are in a congested area, you must carry the e-bike. Hence, e-bike supports post-covid adaptability by reducing the risk of spreading diseases. It also prevents the stress of joining public vehicles, especially in poor weather. You also help to reduce the number of people queuing for public transport.

Folding Electric Bikes Do Not Need a License

Many countries do not require a license from e-bike riders. You can easily carry your folding e-bike everywhere without worrying about legal documents. However, few countries may request ownership proof from specific age groups, usually between 14 and 16 years of age. They are considered regular bicycles, so no strict laws surround them like mopeds or motorcycles.

There is no license obligation on e-bikes because it is operated manually. They use no fuel and can cover a reasonable distance range.

Best Uses of Folding E-bikes

Folding e-bikes can be used for several commuting purpose, but it is mainly employed for vacation and trips. Traveling long distances can cover some part of the journey with a vehicle. It allows you to camp without worrying about the high fuel cost. You can purchase the ChainFree One folding bike designed by Honbike. It has a charging cord that allows you to plug your bike battery into a charging area. It is much better when you have dual batteries. You will surely enjoy your trip without worrying about running out of power. Also, cyclists who often park their e-bikes in a car while going for training can get the folding e-bike instead. It is also a good option for training commuters.

Although the e-bike is not only for recreational purposes, it is known to serve more benefits in such aspects. Folding e-bikes are also best for sporting activities, including cycling, fishing, and hunting. It also suits city students who want to ride around campuses easily. Some campuses could be small, and you do not wish to be delayed as you ride to your lecture area. Hence, it will help you ride faster and beat time.

How to Buy a Quality Foldable E-bike

Knowing the benefits of folding bikes and their uses, a possible decision is to purchase a product for yourself. The most important thing you should consider is durability and cost. It is a common assumption that folding e-bikes do not last long since the parts can be compressed. Meanwhile, this is not the truth for a premium brand product. The Honbike ChainFree One has a two-year warranty. This means the manufacturer is responsible for any technical fault during these two years. A poorly built e-bike will not give a guarantee, nor for as long as that period. The e-bike may quickly damage due to frequent wear and tear.

Intending folding e-bike owners should worry about e-bike offers that seem too good to be true. However, some brands offer discounts, especially to first-time users and loyal customers. For instance, Honbike gives €400 off for purchasing two e-bikes or above. The transportation sector is expanding, and you may need to be careful of cybercriminals. You can visit the Honbike official website to order your folding bike. The company ships e-bikes to Europe and UK. Hence, residents in these areas should learn about the necessary shipping policies.


The folding e-bike is now a preferred model for most cyclists and regular commuters. However, you need to purchase a lightweight folding model. Moving it around may not be easy when the components are too large. Since Honbike HF01 has 57 parts, contrary to the 250 parts of other regular e-bikes, you should consider it a good option. Plan your trip or summer experience today as you create beautiful memories with your e-bike.



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