Things To Do Before Riding Your Electric Bike | All You Should Know

Things To Do Before Riding Your Electric Bike | All You Should Know

The most critical consideration to riding an electric bike is safety. This is why most countries set regulations that safeguard users riding on their bikes. Some have a limited speed and terrains on which users can ride. Beyond these government regulations is the necessity for individuals to be more intentional. Before every riding experience, the acts are as important as the ride itself. Hence, this article provides the necessary actions before riding your e-bike.

Confirming the Essential Equipment

Some equipment contributes to the safety of your electric bike. This is particularly important for every inexperienced rider. Before taking your e-bike into the city, confirm the factors below are in good condition.

The Battery

Since the electric bike depends on batteries for faster operation, you'd better make sure it is fully charged when you start. You can check this through the battery's indicator. However, hold another fully charged battery with you for long distances. At Honbike, a battery only weights 2.78lbs while offers 25 miles range, you can get one more to double your mileages as well.

The Helmet

Countries like Canada do not allow riders without wearing a helmet. Breaking the law would incur some legal charges. Meanwhile, a helmet is more important for the rider's safety. Your helmet should also meet the legal rules set by organizations such as ANSI, ASTM, or even CAN-CSA.


LCD Display

The importance of clear sight or view while riding your electric bike cannot be overemphasized. It is essential to have a light installed on your e-bike frame, both at the front and back view. The LCD is also crucial to relay the speed of the electric bike. It also works to power on and off the electric bike light.

The Brake System

Check if the brake system is in good condition before riding your electric bike. You want to avoid any incident that will be attributed to brake failure. Do not ride your e-bike if the brake system has any traces of wearing out. The brake system can contribute to a smooth or rough ride and the wheel component. You can use a torque wrench to confirm that the bolts are tightly fixed to the electric bike.

The Tires

Make sure your tires are not deflated before taking them out. Identify if any spoke is broken, then fix it. A faulty tire will slow your journey with lots of frustration.

The Handlebars

The electric bike handlebar needs to be comfortable for the rider. This is why it's best to get an adjustable handlebar, which suits several riders' heights. Tighten all the stems on the handlebar before riding your electric bike.

Checking your tire regularly should become a habit for every rider. You need to confirm that the tire is not too soft to climb uphill. Also, make sure the tire has no cut to allow the air to escape while riding. You can also cross-check with a track pump if your tires have the right volume for the ride.

The Seat

Your e-bike seat has a role in the comfort you get from riding. Your feet should be able to pedal after sitting on your electric bike. Hence, you should confirm that the seat is at the right height and the bolts are not loosened.

Food and Drinks

If you are riding a long distance, you need water to refuel your energy. This allows you to pack other necessary items with you on the journey. Apart from water, you can also get energy-giving foods. This includes proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in their sufficient amount. However, avoid heavy foods that will cause you to sleep during the ride. You may also consider fruits and vegetables. They are a healthy choice of nutrients and help a rider stay hydrated.

Right Outfit

There are certain types of clothing appropriate for riding an electric bike. It is an important factor many people neglect. If you are riding during summer and during the day, you can wear loose pairs on your right hand. However, reflective clothing is most appropriate for night rides.

Clothing may seem like an unnecessary precaution, but it is not so. You may think the typical jeans and T-shirt are all you need, but there is always more. Professional cyclists pay attention to their choice of cloth before riding. Before commuting, make sure to sort out your work bag. It becomes much easier to include clothing that will help relieve the stress ahead.

Remember to Maintain Your Electric Bike Battery Regularly 

A lot of intentional habits go into having a premium e-bike battery. Although an electric bike motor is responsible for its operations, the battery is the bike's power. Beyond charging it fully when needed, you need to consider critical factors that promote its lifespan. If your battery is new, allow it to fully charge before using it. Also, note that it will take longer for a new battery to charge than used batteries. Hence, the charging time will reduce as time goes on. Meanwhile, the Honbike battery can be fully charged in about four hours.

Ensure to charge your batteries with good chargers. Using an inappropriate charger may weaken the battery, affecting your ride experience. Also, it is hazardous to let lithium batteries completely drain before charging them. The reasonable charge on an electric bike battery is a minimum of 25%. Overcharging a lithium battery also reduces its lifespan. Lithium batteries are also prone to damage when used in extreme temperatures. Hence, a rider needs to consider the environment temperature while riding with a lithium battery. It is always best to keep your batteries in a garage, where the environment temperature is moderate. You may also need to consider if your battery has stayed for a minimum of 15 minutes after charging. This is highly critical to note before putting it in your electric bike.

Cleaning your Electric Bike before Cycling

Schedule a cleaning time for your electric bike once you have all the necessary care tools. It would help if you did not ride an electric bike in a dirty state. Hence, every user should ensure to clean an e-bike after messing it up. This is to prevent diets and debris from sticking inside any e-bike components.

You can start by applying degreaser from a reputable brand or supplier. It will erase any dirt on the bike surface. Also, remember to remove the battery before applying the cleaning agents. Any negligence during the cleaning process could cause further damage to the e-bike's battery. Also, use a dry towel to wipe off any residual moisture after cleaning the electric bike. If you have any moving metal objects in your e-bike, including the rear mechanism, apply lubes before using them.



Before you start cycling, you should not only check the state of the bicycle to ensure safe riding, but also pay attention to the maintenance and cleaning of the e-bike. When you ride a beautifully designed chainless bike like Honbike HF01, you need to make your e-bike look as eye-catching as you do.

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