Tips for E-bikers to Ride in a Busy City

Tips for E-bikers to Ride in a Busy City

For most city riders, getting stuck in busy cities could be overwhelming and delay your movement. In the past few years, more urban residents have chosen to use electric bicycles to travel to solve the troubles of traffic congestion.

Electric bikes are employed in cities to minimize time and transport costs. They are also portable and easy to maneuver. Despite e-bike flexibility, e-bikers may have challenges riding in a busy city. As a rider, you must build confidence to ride smoothly on busy roads. This is likely possible in cities that do not design pedestrians lane differently for electrically powered bicycles. More so, the tips to implement are further discussed in this guide.



Preparing for the Ride Ahead

Before riding on a busy road, ensure your electric bike is in excellent condition to contribute to a smooth riding experience. You must keep the battery and motor in check and confirm no loopholes. You should also check the electric bicycle brake system and tire to prevent it from being punctured while riding. The tire must be tightly fixed to the rim and not liable to lose while in motion. Safety is also paramount when riding in big cities, as loose tires could cause casualties to the rider and any nearby person.

It is also expedient to have both rear and front lights, especially when riding at night. This will make things ahead appear more apparent, and you can avoid hitting any object. Make sure to learn your traffic light. Thus, gathering the needed knowledge should also be a part of the preparation process. Another aspect of preparation is confirming your battery capacity. Your battery capacity must be sufficient enough to complete the ride. You can also consider the Honbike U4 with 100km capacity on a single charge. This will help you to cover a long-range or distance.

Signal to Road Users

A busy city will possibly have other riders or drivers on the road. It would help if you signaled to others when making turnings. Make sure to engage other road users and send a signal well ahead. An excellent way to practice communication with road users is within your community. You can go for evening rides for a few weeks until you are capable enough to ride on busy roads. As you also signal to other road users, you must be predictable. It could cause a disaster if a biker gives the wrong signal or other bikers cannot predict your ride movement.

Avoid Riding at Fast Speed

Although cyclists often organize a racing competition, it is never on a busy road. Always follow the right track, and avoid speeding, to ensure your safety. You need to also ride with the standard speed limit in your country. For instance, the speed limit for riding electric bicycles in most European countries is 25km/h, except under certain conditions. The exceptions may also vary with riders using either a pedal-assist feature or not. Typically, a pedal-assist part will propel you faster, so it has a specific speed limit. Meanwhile, Honbike produced its HF01 and U4 models to meet e-bike laws. Thus, European riders would be less worried when riding models launched by Honbike.

Find a Balance

Avoid specific paths like a gutter or road edge when riding on the road. This may prompt you to overtake cars ahead and cause your e-bike to fall into potholes. Thus, avoid riding on rough surfaces, especially in wet seasons. Major cities' road surfaces would be oily and slippery during this period, so you should avoid the yellow and white lines.

It would help if you also balanced well on your electric bicycles to ride smoothly in busy cities. If your leg balances well on the pedal, you can adjust appropriately when in a pothole. The factor that may influence your balance on an electric bicycle is weight. You need to confirm from the manufacturing brand if the e-bike suits your body size. For instance, Honbike has its full weight information as 265LBS and 120kg for HF01 and U4, respectively, including extra luggage. You can also read the model information on the product's manual or the brand's website.

Getting the Right Fit and Design

Your comfort is paramount while riding, and the handlebar and seat primarily influence it. In finding a balance, you need an electric bicycle that is best suitable for you. This is why e-bike manufacturers keep introducing different designs to meet the demand of several customers. You must also buy the most appropriate tire size and frame that meets your needs. Interestingly, most modern e-bikes are ideal for men and women, not gender-specific. This is because the seats are usually adjustable, and you can customize them to your height.

Ensuring Safety in Busy Cities

You could neglect certain safety precautions within your neighborhood, but not in a big city. Apart from the crowded areas, you also want to meet the legal requirements. 

Wear a Helmet

Wearing a helmet will minimize the injuries likely sustained in an accident. Since most big cities' roads are tiled with concretes, it will cause great harm when the head hits the floor. It is essential for new cyclists who have not found their balance yet, and would probably make a tumble on the electric bicycle. Meanwhile, wearing a helmet does not prevent you from enjoying cool music while riding. However, make sure the music is not a distraction.

Wear the Right Clothes

Your riding clothing can serve as an investment that ensures safety. Unlike the everyday tight shirts or jeans, you can wear a bright jacket and shorts. This will help other riders to see you from afar. If you prefer to wear full cloth for the day, you can wear a bright vest over the outing clothes. In some cases, e-bike vendors provide their users with a yellow vest. You can also wear bright gloves to protect your leg and arm, especially during winter.

A Rear-View Mirror

A rear-view mirror is essential to help you see objects from behind. If you are riding in a big city, this is non-negotiable. The mirror is mainly on the left-hand side of the handlebar, especially for people riding in the right direction. Meanwhile, Canadian and United States citizens are usually obliged to stay on the right side of the road.


If you have just moved into a busy city and own an e-bike, the information above is the guide you need. Apart from understanding your city paths, it would help if you implemented some tips while riding your e-bike. Nevertheless, you need also to understand your electric bicycle. Riding an e-bike has a similar mechanism to bicycles, so you should get acquainted with your electric bike over time. Once you overcome the fear of riding in busy cities, you can successfully ride to your destination.

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