Tips for Recovery After Your Long Ride

Tips for Recovery After Your Long Ride

You probably agree with most that e-bikes are a way to get around town without breaking a sweat. But did you know that the recovery process is also crucial after a long ride, which is definitely good for your health and helps your body prepare for your next ride. Whether you're a novice or professional cyclist, it's important to know the following helpful recovery tips.

How to Recover from Burn Out after Riding

When the body experiences burnout, it is high time a rider takes deliberate actions. Research shows that some cyclists have quit their sport due to riding injuries. Meanwhile, this situation could have been prevented by attending to the slightest show of fatigue, distress, injury, body pain, dislocation, e.t.c.

Consuming the Right Food Nutrients

Every physical activity the body engages in is only successful with the energy gotten from the food intake. Your instructor will recommend the nutrient portions required to complete your riding exercise. Once your body has exhausted its energy level, you need to replace the glycogen with some carbohydrate food sources. However, avoid taking excessive carbohydrates, which may override the function of other nutrients in your body. You can also refuel your energy with a protein food source if it takes a long time to get another meal portion.

Getting Physical Therapy

Massage is a physical therapy that helps to improve blood flow. It will strengthen the muscle fibers and prepare users for the next ride. Every rider needs to schedule a massage appointment at least once a week. You can also consider massage therapists with experience working with cyclists. Instead of paying a massage therapist, you can use the percussive massage approach. It would help if you had direct the percussive tool to your muscle tissues.

Percussive or personal massage allows your bloodstream to flow smoothly and reduces inflammation. This process ascertains your overall well-being while minimizing muscle tightness and soreness. Meanwhile, the muscle is one of the critical body parts involved in e-bike riding. It needs to be in a proper condition to execute the excellent performance. How you exert muscle on your electric bike handlebar determines how well you are ready to ride. Hence, every individual with athletic abilities is encouraged to engage in some personal massage at intervals.

Stretching the Hand and Legs

Apart from getting a massage, a personal stretch can do the trick. Despite riding with the exceptional triple sensor pedal assist, you need to stretch your body afterward. Honbike built the function to assist while riding; you need to play a part, especially when riding on a rough path. Although many people believe it is vital to stretch the hand before riding, it is more beneficial to do this after riding. Stretching will help you recover your muscles, which will likely be strained after a long ride. Repeat the stretching procedure about three times, and kick off when you are sure your muscles are ready to ride again.

Having a Quality Rest Time

A quality test time is an excellent and non-costly recovery strategy that works after a long riding experience. Research has revealed that sleep often causes the release of the cortisol hormone. This hormone is responsible for reducing mental stress and depression. After riding for a long time, a lack of sleep can cause overreaction and mental instability. Foods like warm milk also produce Tryptophan, a naturally-induced sleeping chemical. Some riders use substances like alcohol and caffeine before going to bed, which is not the best form of the recovery process.

Take a Hot Shower

One of the best ways to relax and recover after a long ride is to take a hot shower. The heat of the water helps to relax tense muscles and improve blood circulation. This helps reduce the time it takes for muscles to recover.

So if you're feeling weak after a long ride, take a hot shower and relax! You'll feel better in no time.

Balanced Healthy Diet

Although several recovery processes were listed above, food seems to be the most important. Food serves as a natural fueling source for the body. Humans cannot attain a certain level of activity every regular day when the body's energy level is at the minimum. Many riders get their energy from protein, carbohydrates, and fats, but veggies are ideal for the mind and brain. Each nutrient plays a role in building the body mass and strengthening the muscle. Hence, a rider needs to implement a balanced diet without lacking one nutrient than the other. If the body experiences some imbalance while riding, you will need food to relieve the stress. 

Other Practical Steps that Work for Post-Commuting

There are other vital steps you can take to help you recover after a long ride. These steps do not apply to every rider, so you need to find out what works best for you.

  • Put your legs on the wall for a minimum of five minutes while resting your head on a pillow.
  • Perform the hamstring exercise by placing your hands by your waist while stretching your legs straight.
  • Avoid tightening your body while stretching. Make it slow and take deep breaths during the process.
  • Position your knees uprightly, with one of them facing a 90-degree direction. You should also flatten your back on a surface while at it.
  • Blend a mixture of fruits and vegetables to form a smoothie paste. You can also mix the content with glucose as a supplement for carbohydrate nutrients.
  • Stretching can be done 10-15 minutes before and after riding your e-bike.


There is no doubt that cycling is a good exercise, but the recovery process is better for your health. When you've been riding for a long time, follow the steps above and you'll get better fitness condition.

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