Tips for the Best Fall Activities You Can Do with an E-bike

Tips for the Best Fall Activities You Can Do with an E-bike


September marks the annual changing of the season from summer to fall. The long, hazy days of heat give way to the crisp and refreshing vibes of Autumn. All across America and Europe, the days begin to get shorter, the weather cools, and the fall activities begin. With more moderate temperatures, fall is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy the scenery before winter starts. And there’s no better way to see all the sights and sounds of fall than by e-bike.

Using an electric bike to travel to, around, and from these various fall activities is a surefire way to experience all this season has to give. With none of the expensive costs associated with traveling via car, e-bikes are an extremely affordable way to get around in the fall. Riding e-bikes saves on gas, especially as we enter the winter months when we will require more gas to heat our homes and apartments. Commuter e-bikes are also notoriously at for zipping through crowded city streets and hometown festivals without the need to look for a rare parking spot. 

Check out these popular fall activities which all benefit from the use of personal electric transportation. 


Have a Fall Picnic

As autumn dawns across the northern hemisphere, the temperatures outside become bearable again as the beauty of nature explodes around us. Autumn is the perfect time to plan a picnic in a nearby park. Grab a heavy picnic blanket, some warm hot chocolate or cider in a thermos, and a few fresh donuts or apples, and head out in search of the perfect spot. With an ebike, you’ll be able to cruise through the park and find the best location for your fall picnic. Try early afternoon when the sun is high and can warm your skin from above. Take a friend or romantic partner to experience the joy of this relaxing moment. 

Take Your E-bike North

Just as nature provides us the sweet taste of crisp apples and warm pumpkin pies, so too does it provide us with a gorgeous view of changing colors in the leaves and trees above. Get a jump on fall sightseeing by heading north in your state or country to see the trees changing color a bit earlier than others. With the help of a folding e-bike, it’s never been easier to fit your bike in the trunk or backseat of your car. At less than 21kg, the Honbike HF01 is one such foldable e-bike light enough to maneuver into tight spaces, ensuring you can easily bring it with you on your trip north, even if you don’t have a big truck or hitch bike rack. 

Go Apple Picking

One of the most classic activities in fall is visiting an apple orchard or pumpkin patch to pick your own fruit. You may even find warm donuts and pre-made cider during your visit. Kids love it. Parents love it. Everyone loves the quaint memories found at the local cider mill. Then, bring a bushel of apples home by hanging the bag off your handlebar and cook up an apple pie or slice them into a healthy salad.  

Visit a Farmer’s Market

Speaking of salads, fruits and veggies will be harvested during fall and available one last time at your local farmer’s market. Often held in big parking lots or closed-down city streets, farmer’s markets are easily accessible by e-bike. And thanks to their compact size, parking is a breeze. Grab a coffee and meander through the tents to view the wares of local craftsmen and farmers before returning to your bike and heading to your next fall destination. 

Host a Cycling Club Ride to See Fall Colors

Many cycling clubs are not allowing or exclusively for electric bikes. You can search for cycling clubs in your area by using social networks, search engines, or checking with your local bike shop for a calendar of events. These cycling clubs will likely be planning a fall tour to see the changing colors and enjoy the cool temperatures. Join in the fun and meet new people while getting exercise and taking in the view. 

Watch a Fall Sunset from High Ground

It’s no surprise that as the sun sets earlier and earlier, it becomes easier to catch a sunset at a reasonable hour and still make it home in time for dinner or a movie. But the best place to watch a sunset is usually at the top of a road or pathway. With Hill Start Assist, e-bikes like those from Honbike make the climb a breeze thanks to the torque sensor detection which provides additional power when you start your incline. Not all e-bikes are equipped with this technology, though, so be sure to check out the features of any e-bike before you buy it. 

Ride the Ebike to a Football or Rugby Game

American football and rugby are excellent events to see in person. Many choose to tailgate in the parking lot before watching the game. This allows you to drink a beer, have a hot dog, and chat about the upcoming game with friends. If you can ride your foldable bike to meet up with friends who have space in their truck or car, you can fold the e-bike in half easily and stow it in the truck during the game. Or if you have a commuter bike, you can lock it to a nearby tree or lamppost. If you are worried about protecting your electric bike from theft while you are in the stadium, check out our related guide. 

However, if you don’t want to travel to watch the game in person, you can stay home and watch the football game in your living room which will give you the extra time needed to get your daily exercise via e-bike before or after the game.

These are just a few of the most popular pastimes to participate in during September, October, and November. But without proper planning and setting dates on your calendar, fall can pass by quickly. So, begin your activity planning now to enjoy everything an e-bike can give you this fall season. 

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