Tips to Prepare Your Electric Bike for Winter Riding

Tips to Prepare Your Electric Bike for Winter Riding

Cycling during winter can be fun, but it can also be unsafe and challenging. Foremost, you must ensure your electric bike components are in good condition. For instance, electric bike tires should be rigid enough to ride through muddy ground. You should avoid riding through slush as well. Other tips that will contribute to your smooth ride during winter are further discussed in this article.

The Transport Situations During Winter


The winter temperature is usually very low, coupled with long nights. The traffic rate is also highly congested, as more people will be stuck on their way to work. Thus, you will need an electric bike to beat traffic and reach your destination quickly. Usually, an electric folding bike like Honbike HF01 that can easily maneuver between vehicles is one of your best winter options.

Winter is a great time to test your motivation for riding. The nights are usually long, and you need the right clothing pair. Make sure the clothes are reflective during the dark to allow other road users to notice you faster. Also, the day gets darker more quickly during winter, so If you can avoid riding at night, you should do so. If it is essential to ride at night, you should check the helmet light and headlight to confirm they are in good condition.

Although many manufacturers would talk against taking your electric bike outside during winter, you can survive if you ride with a lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries are susceptible to high temperatures and may even stop the cells from working. If they are exposed to temperatures below 0⁰C or 32⁰F, the batteries may stop charging. This has caused many manufacturers to produce electric bikes which are snow resistant. Nevertheless, it would be best to implement crucial tips to improve the electric bike's effectiveness.

Preparing Your Electric Bike Battery

The battery is a core part of an electric bike, and any slight malfunction could affect its overall performance. It needs optimum maintenance, especially when the weather condition is highly freezing. Thus, you should confirm that the battery is above the freezing point before plugging it into a power source. This is because charging your battery at a freezing point could damage its cells.

Unfortunately, some riders warm their batteries with a heater to increase the hotness. This could also damage the battery cells. The best remedy is to allow the battery to heat up by storing it in a warm or tightly-closed space. Storing your battery under a warm conditions will also improve its range and power. You should keep your battery at 50% minimum before storing it for a long time. It would help if you charged the battery at intervals because they discharge over time.

Using Winter Tires

You must get an extra tire for your electric bike. If you are using any Honbike product, the company allows customers to buy spare tires at an affordable price. Try getting your e-bike brand's exact tire as a replacement. As much as you install extra tires in your vehicle, it should also be done to electric bikes. More so, most brands install tires that are only perfect for summer conditions. Thus, you should specify your order when requesting a winter tire. Consider studded tires, especially when riding on icy roads.

Checking Your Electric Bike Brake System

Electric bike brake system tends to be less effective during winter. Thus, ensure the shifter is correctly positioned before taking out the electric bike. A poorly conditioned brake system does risk not only the rider's life but also that of other road users. You should also check if any moisture has accumulated in the e-bike cables. Your hand should be firm on the brake lever to avoid slipping while riding. To increase the brake lever firmness, you may wrap some tape around it with sandpaper. If the brake pads show any malfunction, do not hesitate to find a replacement.

Following a Scheduled Maintenance Routine

Make sure to clean your electric bike after riding through a rough road. Leaving dirt stuck on your e-bike could further damage its components. Also, there are usually more objects dumped on the ground during winter. Some of these include magnesium salt, gravel, and sand. You must ride carefully on the road to avoid damaging your electric bike. You may also take along with you a damp cloth for every ride.

The floor will be filled with excessive water, putting your electric bike at more rust risk. Thus, you should get a Rust Check item from an automobile store. It will help if you read up on the device review before making a purchase. The Rust Check is more like a spraying material, which will limit salty water from staying on the electric bike. On the other hand, you should get a chainless electric bike because it is less likely to rust.

Choosing a Chainless Electric Bike for Winter

Since following a maintenance routine is integral to winter preparation, this article recommends a chainless electric bike. Chainless electric bikes are easy to clean than chain e-bikes. You can get a Honbike Uni4 which uses a belt drive, or Honbike HF01, which uses the shaft drive. Honbike patented shaft drive systems are suspension drives that are built into modern electric bikes, making their models reach 50,000 km before requiring maintenance. Thus, it increases the electric bike's durability, contributing to a smooth ride. However, it would help if you still carried out a proper maintenance routine from time to time.

Use Protective Fenders

Electric bike fenders will prevent snow and water from splashing on your body. Thus, a front and back fender guarantees as much comfort as possible. This will also limit the potential mess snow could create on your electric bike. Therefore, making your cleaning process much easier and more convenient.

Wearing the Right Pair of Clothing

Not only do you need to wear reflective clothing, but you should also protect your face, head, and hand. You may also consider windproof and waterproof apparel. The windproof apparel will keep you warm, but avoid clothing materials that cause excessive sweat or heat. Also, you should get waterproof pants rather than tops or gowns. Wearing waterproof shirts may induce excess colds once the snow melts away. Your footwear should also fit appropriately into your feet. Other clothing protective measures are highlighted below.

  • Face Gears: Anti-glare sunglasses and ski goggles are often recommended for cycling during winter. It brightens your vision and keeps debris away from your eyes. You could also wear a mask, but make sure you can see through it. Also, avoid heavy masks that will create excess heat, making it difficult to breathe through them.
  • Head Gears:You should wear a sizable hood before placing a helmet over your head. If you have a Ski helmet, you may not wear a hood. However, make sure the helmet provides the needed insulation.
  • Hand Gears:You need layered gloves that will keep your hands warm. Gloves are essential during winter, so buy a material that will not scratch your skin.
  • Layered Covering: Layered covering is highly recommended for winter rides because it helps measure your comfort level. You may remove an extra pair of clothing if the heat is too much. You should also choose a dress with the most appropriate materials, such as wool. However, you want to avoid wool clothing that will make your body itchy.

Protect the Electric Bike Frame

Aluminum frames are the best recommended among other alloys, but they require regular maintenance to prevent corrosion. You may get a frame protection kit, especially the designs made with transparent plastic strips. This protects your frame from air moisture. You should also use a protection kit before storing the electric bike. You may also install mudguards on your electric bike to prevent dirt and water from touching the e-bike frame.


Your preparation is little or less significant when you ride at a fast speed. Riding on snow can be exciting, but avoid the slush areas filled with salty and watery snow. It would help if you also ride slowly during winter because it helps other motorcyclists to see you from afar.

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