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Tips for Recovery After Your Long Ride


You probably agree with most that e-bikes are a way to get around town without breaking a sweat. But did you know that the recovery process is also crucial after a long ride, which is definitely good for your health and helps your body prepare for your next ride. Whether you're a novice or professional cyclist, it's important to know the following helpful recovery tips.

How to Recover from Burn Out after Riding

When the body experiences burnout, it is high time a rider takes deliberate actions. Research shows that some cyclists have quit their sport due to riding injuries. Meanwhile, this situation could have been prevented by attending to the slightest show of fatigue, distress, injury, body pain, dislocation, e.t.c.

Consuming the Right Food Nutrients

Every physical activity the body engages in is only successful with the energy gotten from the food intake. Your instructor will recommend the nutrient portions required to complete your riding exercise. Once your body has exhausted its energy level, you need to replace the glycogen with some carbohydrate food sources. However, avoid taking excessive carbohydrates, which may override the function of other nutrients in your body. You can also refuel your energy with a protein food source if it takes a long time to get another meal portion.

Getting Physical Therapy

Massage is a physical therapy that helps to improve blood flow. It will strengthen the muscle fibers and prepare users for the next ride. Every rider needs to schedule a massage appointment at least once a week. You can also consider massage therapists with experience working with cyclists. Instead of paying a massage therapist, you can use the percussive massage approach. It would help if you had direct the percussive tool to your muscle tissues.

Percussive or personal massage allows your bloodstream to flow smoothly and reduces inflammation. This process ascertains your overall well-being while minimizing muscle tightness and soreness. Meanwhile, the muscle is one of the critical body parts involved in e-bike riding. It needs to be in a proper condition to execute the excellent performance. How you exert muscle on your electric bike handlebar determines how well you are ready to ride. Hence, every individual with athletic abilities is encouraged to engage in some personal massage at intervals.

Stretching the Hand and Legs

Apart from getting a massage, a personal stretch can do the trick. Despite riding with the exceptional triple sensor pedal assist, you need to stretch your body afterward. Honbike built the function to assist while riding; you need to play a part, especially when riding on a rough path. Although many people believe it is vital to stretch the hand before riding, it is more beneficial to do this after riding. Stretching will help you recover your muscles, which will likely be strained after a long ride. Repeat the stretching procedure about three times, and kick off when you are sure your muscles are ready to ride again.

Having a Quality Rest Time

A quality test time is an excellent and non-costly recovery strategy that works after a long riding experience. Research has revealed that sleep often causes the release of the cortisol hormone. This hormone is responsible for reducing mental stress and depression. After riding for a long time, a lack of sleep can cause overreaction and mental instability. Foods like warm milk also produce Tryptophan, a naturally-induced sleeping chemical. Some riders use substances like alcohol and caffeine before going to bed, which is not the best form of the recovery process.

Take a Hot Shower

One of the best ways to relax and recover after a long ride is to take a hot shower. The heat of the water helps to relax tense muscles and improve blood circulation. This helps reduce the time it takes for muscles to recover.

So if you're feeling weak after a long ride, take a hot shower and relax! You'll feel better in no time.

Balanced Healthy Diet

Although several recovery processes were listed above, food seems to be the most important. Food serves as a natural fueling source for the body. Humans cannot attain a certain level of activity every regular day when the body's energy level is at the minimum. Many riders get their energy from protein, carbohydrates, and fats, but veggies are ideal for the mind and brain. Each nutrient plays a role in building the body mass and strengthening the muscle. Hence, a rider needs to implement a balanced diet without lacking one nutrient than the other. If the body experiences some imbalance while riding, you will need food to relieve the stress. 

Other Practical Steps that Work for Post-Commuting

There are other vital steps you can take to help you recover after a long ride. These steps do not apply to every rider, so you need to find out what works best for you.

  • Put your legs on the wall for a minimum of five minutes while resting your head on a pillow.
  • Perform the hamstring exercise by placing your hands by your waist while stretching your legs straight.
  • Avoid tightening your body while stretching. Make it slow and take deep breaths during the process.
  • Position your knees uprightly, with one of them facing a 90-degree direction. You should also flatten your back on a surface while at it.
  • Blend a mixture of fruits and vegetables to form a smoothie paste. You can also mix the content with glucose as a supplement for carbohydrate nutrients.
  • Stretching can be done 10-15 minutes before and after riding your e-bike.


There is no doubt that cycling is a good exercise, but the recovery process is better for your health. When you've been riding for a long time, follow the steps above and you'll get better fitness condition.

7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Shaft Drive E-bikes


Have you always wanted a bicycle that offers a clean look, minimal maintenance, and easy ride? 

If so, a shaft drive e-bike will be your best bet.  It doesn’t require chains or belts before transferring energy from the motor to the rear wheel and also enables you to go places without feeling worn out and all sweaty. 

By standard, when you think of a bicycle in general, what comes to mind is a two-wheel vehicle connected with a chain and pedal for propelling movement and has a body and handle for controlling direction. The chain in these bikes converts the energy generated by the leg muscles when pedaling and the desired balance. This has been the modus operandi for nearly 150 years. Then how does a shaft drive e-bike work?

To help your decision to own one of these unique masterpieces, we will define what a shaft drive is, explain its characteristics, and provide you with reasons why you should buy one. 


What is a Shaft Drive Bike?


Bikes that use a shaft drive system composed of an aluminum case that encloses a shaft bevel gears on both sides of the bike is a shaft drive bike. When you press on the pedal, it generates an energy that flows through the shaft and gears to enable movements in the bike’s wheel.

Since they use a shaft instead of chains and are covered with an aluminum case to protect them from external elements such as dirt, water, and rust, which enhances their durability and offers longer years of usage. Shaft drives were usually found in trucks, cars, and industrial machinery until they were applied to electric bikes.

Should You Buy Shaft Drive E-bikes?

Yes, it is. Let's consider the fundamental reason why a shaft drive electric bike is good for you.

They are Starters' Delight

Whenever you decide to shop for an electric bike, you will realize that there are several options with different drive types. However, if you are a first-time rider, the shaft drive bike is a much better option for you because they are smart and minimalist. Such as Honbike HF01, it only has 57 parts, which is easy to install, also the hill start assist technology helps riders changing pedals easily when uphill.

They Offer a Smooth and Noiseless Drive Experience

Shaft driven bikes come with a unibody wheel design that does not rattle when riding. The bike components are tightly fused, reducing the frequent position change that may occur while cycling. The shaft drive is lubricated to ensure that the body parts move smoothly and constantly.

No Chain Means No Fuss

The problem of regularly applying grease to the chains of regular bikes and the fear of them falling off or losing their grip can be avoided with a shaft drive bike. There are no exposed parts in a shaft drive bike, so you don’t have to be concerned about your pants getting entangled with your bike's chain. You need not worry about clearing any dirt or debris with a shaft drive bike because the shaft drive system is enclosed in an aluminum casing. 

They are Easy to Maintain

Maintaining a shaft drive bike is much easier than regular chain drive bikes. You won’t need to stain your hands by messing with any metal parts or greasy lubricants. Although shaft drive bikes come a little more expensive, you would probably spend a similar amount maintaining chain bikes in the long run. If you efficiently use the shaft drive bike, you may not be concerned with maintenance costs for a longer time. This is due to the casing that shields it from external exposure or damage.

The patented shaft drive electric bike produced by Honbike is tested and has a proven free-maintenance attribute. This allows you to travel long distances without fear of your gears skipping and stopping for maintenance or mishaps.

They are Efficient in Bad Conditions

Shaft drive bikes are designed with an internal gear hub that enables them to thrive in bad weather conditions. This makes it suitable for riding on rough terrains and long distances. If shaft drive bikes could function efficiently in bad conditions, imagine their performance in good weather conditions.

Easy Access to the Rear Wheel Region

Most shaft drive bikes, such as the Honbike HF01 models, are designed to allow quick access to the rear wheel region. It has the shaft drive system fused to the bike's end, enabling a more accessible wheel balance and movement.

Boosts the Benefits of Folding

The minimal body part allows for its foldable design. Additionally, you don't have to go carefully around a dirty bike chain to fold your bike, the whole process is faster and easier. If you risk greasy forearms or sleeves every time you pick it up, the benefits of a folding bike are less appealing.


Shaft Drive bikes are uncommon but you can easily find one at Honbike. With 40000 KM free maintenance service, it is right time to get one.

How to Embrace the Summer with Your E-bike | Cycling Life

How to Embrace the Summer with Your E-bike | Cycling Life

Now that summer is around the corner; you need to be prepared to explore your favorite places. Commuting can be more fun while riding an electric bike. Summer is also the most appropriate time to meet more riding buddies. Nature favors riders while riding during the summer season. You can commute to different places without spending much money on fuel and time in congested traffic. It is also another passive means of improving your body fitness before the winter season. Read further to discover why and how to spice your summer experience with e-bikes.


Planning Towards the Summer Season

After adequate planning, an e-bike user can only enjoy riding during the summer season. How far do you want to go with your ride? Also, consider the intensity of riding you want to attain. Your budget will also determine the places and friends you want to visit. You can combine your daily schedule and save yourself some extra cash using an electric bike.

It is also essential to set training goals, especially for individuals who plan to improve their riding skills. Without drifting away from the main focus, riders must consistently implement safety measures in their riding goals. Also, integrate processes that will minimize your effort on every journey. It is also essential to prepare every necessary riding equipment. In the hot and sunny weather, you need the right equipment to prevent the sun from being too harsh on your skin. Depending on the distances you intend to cover during summer, take one or more energy drinks with you while on the journey.

Preparing your Electric Bike

Make sure that every plan you make for the summer season should include your electric bike. With the rapid increase in e-bike supply, you can pre-order your preferred model. Since human taste is getting more premium, Honbike has chosen to produce more sleek designs with maximum power and speed. However, if you own an e-bike already, take it for proper maintenance before the summer season. Check the forecast to confirm when you will be able to ride without damaging any component of the e-bike. Also, the battery level will help you to determine the range to cover.

You will enjoy your ride better when the ride is done with a purpose. At this point, you are not only covering distances but also hoping to achieve a specific result. This could be for fitness purposes or improve your cycling skill before the summer season. As a result, you need to state your specifications whenever you place an order from Honbike. You can be sure to cover a distance of 40,000 km without missing out on value.

Summer Activities to Engage with your E-bike

Almost Everyone in the Northern Hemisphere does not want to miss out on the summer seasons. Several outdoor activities can bond you and your friends and family as each of you ride an e-bike. Some of these activities can last for a few hours or days, depending on how much fun you want.


If your camping location is a far distance, you need the Honbike e-bike, which lacks suspension, thus leading to lightweight and easy foldability. This will allow you to cover some distances with fossil fuel. At the same time, you fold the e-bike into the vehicle. You can bring out the electric bike and set it to cover the remaining distance. An electric bike will help you move around the tent while cruising with other individuals. It will also ease your movement to watch activities like campfires, parks, and open fire meals. However, endeavor to take emergency kits, sunscreen, sufficient food, and other camping supplies.

Visiting Local Markets

Embrace your summer by riding to the local markets in your vicinity. Instead of overspending at grocery stores, you can choose to window shop this time around. This is a leisure stroll, and you can just select some veggies and fruits to pack with your e-bike. It is always a pleasant sight with farmers harvesting produce and goods, which are being exported into the cities. Hence, it promotes the ability to maintain a healthy eating habits during the summer season.

Picnic with Loved Ones

You can ride to an open space, where you get to enjoy drinks and snack moments with friends. It would help if you had a bedspread on the floor and got closure with some fantastic people. It is also critical to embrace the summer moments while quietly listening to birds and cute critters. Electric bicycles are the proper transportation mode that helps you pack things without going overboard. Soft foods are the target here, and the light-weighted e-bike helps you reach the destination without an extra burden.

Vacation with Family and Friends

Since schools are not in session, summer is the best time to bond with families. Every family member can explore the traveling experience by riding an e-bike. There are various sizes of e-bikes, which will fit every age group in a family. A biking trip is another way to take stunning and unique group pictures. Honbike also has a rear child seat that allows riders to take a toddler. Also, kids get the chance to explore nature's views while riding.

Entertainment Events

Europe is filled with many entertainment events during summer, especially music festivals. If it is a popular event, you can ensure several other people are on their way there. You can arrive early at the party and do not need to worry about leaving late because of the city traffic. Users beat traffic by commuting with an electric bike. It is another way to bless your soul and let the music sink in, while enjoying the beauty of summer.

Reasons Why E-bike is the Best Option for the Summer Season

There are several transportation modes, but why should you choose the e-bike among others?

Firstly, the summer period falls around the mid-year, when you want to relieve the stress obtained at the beginning of the year. People who set goals for the year find it more appealing to relax and chill between June and September. Since you can passively exercise with an e-bike, it will help release the endorphin hormones responsible for balancing physical and mental health. This will boost your muscle and cardiovascular system. The essential vitamin D from the sun while riding can also help relieve stress. Meanwhile, this cannot be obtained in an enclosed and jam-packed vehicle.

E-bikes are good contributions to the green environment. It does not release carbon or any other toxic substance into the atmosphere. After charging your batteries, you can partake in reducing global warming by alternating your mode of transportation.

Lastly, electric bikes are a flexible mode of transportation, encouraging their users to choose their adventures during summer. You can cruise in hybrid styles as possible, either on off-road trails or through the coastal boardwalks. It can blend into your lifestyle without having to change a huge part of your daily activity.

Avoid Being Carried Away by the Summer Enjoyment

Many people believe that the summer season is mainly for enjoyment. While this belief is unarguably true, it is also essential to implement the proper commute strategies. If one of the goals is to meet more riding buddies, there is a high possibility of covering long distances. It will help if you organize things to fuel the commuting process. For instance, you need food nutrients in their proper proportion to supply the required energy.

Leaving the stomach empty while catching up on summer fun harms the body. An individual may miss out on the joy of riding with e-bike during summer. With this, you are not confined to the tightly-packed school bus or commercial transportation. Every experience learned during the summer season can be implemented off-season.

Investing in e-bike knowledge will also prevent a rider from making grievous mistakes. It is not every e-bike that the suitable for a rider. If you are a Non-American or European, Honbike has updated its Japanese e-bikes to suit the citizens' taste. For instance, you can enjoy upgraded motor power from 200W to 250W. This is why it is essential to cross-check with your state regulations. Being carried away by the fun may lead you to pay extra legal fees in the nearest future. This legal entity may also prevent you from riding an e-bike or requesting to purchase some legal documents.


It's the summer season, and you need to employ every possible means to spice it up. An electric bike is a perfect idea if you are thinking of a gift for your parents or loved ones. You can find the ideal choice for both kids and adults while you ride together, enjoying some bonding moments. If the other party owns a bike already, you can buy accessories. Honbike has several e-bikes and accessories that will match your requirement. Click here and become an e-bike owner today.

How to Choose Suitable Electric Bikes for Seniors?


Physical activity and exercise are very important for leading and having a healthy and prosperous life. From the earliest days, the children are thought to be as active and moving as possible, attending different sports activities and being physically active. The first thing that they start with is learning to ride a bike. Riding a bike is an excellent activity that gets the entire body moving. That is why it is also suggested as a great activity for the seniors.

With the appearance of the E-bike on the market, more and more seniors are switching their traditional bikes for an E-bike, and there is a good reason for that. Not only keeping up with the changes and the properties that the e-bike brings to the cyclists, but the e-bike is also an upgraded and better version for all different kinds of seniors, no matter their age. As they age, seniors become less agile, so the E-bike comes as a welcome change that will put just the right amount of effort on the body and the muscles, and provide a great commuting vehicle.




How to Chosse Right E-bike For Seniors?

Safety First

There is no doubt that the purchase of electric bicycles for the elderly or the  needs to put safety first. Like the Honbike HF01, as a bike with no chains and throttles, it is also equipped with smart drive technology, the built-in angle alert sensor will automatically cut off the motor work when the bicycle tilt angle reaches more than 30 degrees to prevent accidental falls.

Reliable pedal-assistant mode

What makes the electric bike different from the traditional bike are the modes that it has. As the name suggests, the E-bike has a motor-assisted mode that drives the bike through battery and motor, as well as a pedal-assisted mode, making the bike work like a traditional bike. When it comes to the pedal-assisted mode, it is beneficial and important so that the riders can ride faster, work on their physical activity as well as overcome any physical limitations that they might have. This mode allows them to push themselves, ride the bike whenever they feel like it, and be active. The pedal-assisted mode helps the elderly riders extend their distance and time on the bike. It also allows them to go over and explore different terrain which previously they might have stayed away from. This mode encourages physical activity and supports exercise.

Easy & Less Maintenance

The best electric bike for the seniors should be easy to maintain as well. For example, the problem of broken chains may trouble many elderly people. At this time, choosing a bicycle without a chain may be the best choice. The ChainFree One shaft drive e-bike not only comes with no chain, but also provides s with 40,000 kilometers of maintenance-free services.

Step-through or Suitable Frame

Another important thing to consider is the type of frame. The E-bikes come with a two-frame version – a step-through frame and a step-over frame. For the seniors and the elderly, the step-through frame is highly suggested. It is also defined as a low crossbar. Instead of a straight crossbar, the step-through is much more comfortable and convenient when it comes to getting on and off the bike. This frame does not require lifting the legs, which can be troubling for seniors. It is also a much more appropriate frame because it reduces the risk of falling or tripping while riding. Also, the step-though bike is a great way to preserve the delicate parts of the body that are more fragile for the elderly and provides them the greater benefit of cycling. The greatest contribution comes in the change and improvement of the good riding posture.

The motor and battery power

The motor and the battery power are also important to consider that you should note. Although it might sound unexpected, the senior riders should pay attention to overspeeding. If they ride too fast, there are greater chances that they might end up with some serious injury, which at their age, can heal longer. Also, they have slower motor functions, they are not so aware, and they need more time to act in different situations. Especially in traffic, if they are riding too fast, they might not handle the situation well. The general recommendation is that seniors should look for e-bike that has a moderate motor. This is because this power is more than enough for their needs.

Also, they do not have to go faster, considering everything mentioned above. Seniors should use their e-bikes for leisure and daily riding. With that in mind, the optimum engine power for a solid E-bike is 250-350 watts. 

Why Honbike HF01 is suitable for seniors?

The Honbike HF01 is a foldable chainless bicycle, which undoubtedly brings great convenience and safety to the elderly. First of all, seniors no longer have to encounter the troubles caused by the chain, and Honbike also provides users with maintenance-free services for 40,000 kilometers, giving customers a boost of peace of mind. In addition, the HF01 doesn't come with throttles, which avoids the potential safety hazards caused by improper use of the throttle by the elderly. Moreover, Honbike has also injected an intelligent riding system into this model. The built-in sensor will automatically cut off the motor to prevent accidental fallsdetect when the bike is tilted more than 30 degrees..


Whether you are looking for an e-bike for yourself or gift one to some senior, Honbike has a wide offer and selection that will serve all the seniors in the best possible way. All of the E-bikes on the offer are specially designed so that they are suitable for all ages, providing a light, enjoyable and comfortable ride. With special care to design and layout, the Honbike is the best option for all e-bike seniors, no matter if they are just beginners or experienced cyclers.

Top 7 Benefits of Folding Electric Bike

Top 7 Benefits of Folding Electric Bike

Electric bike lovers are drifting into the recent designs in the industry, which is the fashionable folding e-bike. Foldable electric bikes are one of the sleek and unique developments offered by innovative engineers. They are stylish, modernized, and provide an aesthetic feel to commuters, tourists, and individuals of all ages who are willing to explore the many benefits that accompany owning one of these designs.

If you're a regular city commuter or you have the knack to notice creativity, you would have probably seen someone with a folding electric bike. Many people feel like they are new and not necessarily worth the effort or cost. However, there are many benefits embedded in using a folding e-bike that could completely give you a different level of experience in the way you commute around.

Electric bike lovers from various countries in the world are now purchasing some of the best foldable E-bike designs to derive the comfort, convenience, fun, and space-saving features of such a convinent design. Foldable electric bikes offer users the ability to easily fold their bike and store it in a safe place in the office, home, apartment, and the trunk of the car when traveling or not in use.

Aside from the space-saving benefits of owning a folding e-bike, there are other features you should understand when it comes to foldable electric bikes to maximally enjoy the benefits. Today we’ll explore these unique features for you to perfectly see the benefits of getting a folding electric bike.


1.Space-saving and easy use

One major difficulty of a conventional electric bike is the inability to carry them along on public transport, travels, or bringing them indoors. Also, there’s the daily struggle of getting a bike rack space at your workplace when using traditional E-bikes.

The ability to fold an electric bike in half for easy use and portability is one of the amazing benefits of owning a folding E-bike. Some different brands and designs allow you to fold your electricity into a compressed and easy-to-carry shape, release the safety mechanism, and also restore it into shape with simple flicks.

With a lightweight of 44lbs (20 kg) and in just four steps, the Honbike HF01 compresses into a portable design in just 15 seconds. The compact design enables you to carry the folding E-bike around faster. You can store it safely inside your residence or office away from weather or human elements that can tamper with it. You don't have to worry about your electric bike being stolen because most folding electric bikes can be folded and kept under your work desk, or beside you when you board a bus or train due to their compact design. 

2.Cuts down commute time 

No one loves to spend excess time commuting to their workplace, store, or home. When you spend excess time staying on the track, it leaves you with less time to do some other things. Most folding E-bikes require a certain amount of power to attain their lightweight and compact design. 

Folding electric bikes have a motor power of 250 watts which allows for their sleek and easy-to-carry design. They can travel at a well-standardized speed as demanded in the UK regulations for E-bikes. Most expertly designed electric bikes make use of a pedal-assist system to provide an efficient speed level and balance.

Our HF01 model comes with 5 levels of pedal assistance and drives at a speed of 25 km/h, which allows you to go on a long-range ride while cutting down your commute time.

3.Easy to maintenance

Folding e-bikes do not have any special maintenance needs except for charging the battery. They are usually feature minimalist design, such as HF01, it only has 57 parts compared to 250 parts of conventional e-bikes, which is also friendly for first-time users to install by themselves.

4.Easy maneuvering and boosted theft protection

Folding electric bikes stops you from worrying whether your bike is safe. It offers you an opportunity to carry it wherever you’re going and also to maintain a watchful eye on them. Furthermore, a folding E-bike can maneuver and fit through areas a car cannot. This gives you the ability to get to your various destinations timely.

ChainFree One has a unibody design that makes it easier to use and maneuver in various city terrains. However, this doesn’t give you the avenue to dangerously weave around cars. Ensure you comply with the traffic regulations wherever you ride your foldable electric bike.

5.Exercise with convenience

Riding an electric bike is a good and effective way to boost your overall health and get some extra exercise. There’s every tendency that if you’re working an office job, you would be sitting on a chair almost daily. However, with an electric bike, you have the opportunity to stretch your body muscles, improve your heart rate, and also burn out some calories.

E-bikes are designed to encourage manual pedaling which enables you to work your muscles while on the move. The more pressure you apply to the system, the faster the bike goes. This allows you to exercise on the go whether you’re conscious of it or not.

However, some specific folding e-bike designs allow you to exercise without having to gas out due to heavy pedaling. The Honbike Chainfree One offers a suitable level of pedal assistance that can work perfectly with any level of exercise you desire, so you don't have to pedal harder every day to get the fitness you want.

They are equipped with a patented shaft that replaces the bike chains found in other kinds of electric bikes. You don’t have to worry about greasing or the chains pulling off. Folding electric bikes keeps you fit easily and with comfort. It also provides you with the unique and distinct experience you desire.

6.Better for environment

Folding electric bikes are eco-friendly and serve as a suitable means of going green in different country areas. You don’t have to worry about the about carbon combustion and environmental pollution while riding down the city terrains. 

7.Good-looking shapes and multiple style

To meet the ambiance of riders and also stay afloat in the ever-changing market, electric bikes need to come in various shapes and styles. Foldable E-bikes are designed in multiple styles and shapes to give bike enthusiasts an aesthetic feel, comfort, and unique cycling experience. 

At Honbike, we explore various design options to give our customers an immersive experience without electric bikes. We take our designs seriously and employ minimal parts to ensure our bike can be easily assembled and folded in quick steps.

Bottom Line

Foldable electric bikes are desirable by many bike enthusiasts. It’s discovered that individuals who haven’t made use of this unique innovation, haven’t come to terms with the benefits that accrue from using a folding E-bike. This article has provided you with some of the benefits of owning a folding electric bike. There are various designs in the market for you to make a selection. If you have any questions or enquiring regarding E-bike styles, contact us at Honbike and our team of admirable staff will attend to your inquiries.

Top 7 Health Benefits of Riding an Electric Bike | You Should Know

Top 7 Health Benefits of Riding an Electric Bike | You Should Know

Riding a bike is always fun. Whether you are doing it as a regular sports activity, or use it to go to and back from work, the bike is one of the best ways to stay active. With the appearance of the electric bike on the market, this electric vehicle has soon started to overtake the popularity of the traditional bicycle. Just like the regular bike, riding an e-bike is also great for your health. Lately, the E-bike has been appreciated and suggested vehicle for people of all different ages. And the reason behind that is that riding the E-bike can help many different health issues and well as preserve the overall health.

 As you might already know, the beauty of the e-bike comes from the possibility to choose whether you want to ride it through a pedal-assisted mode, or you want to switch it to a motor-assisted mode. This possibility in choosing is something that has attracted many riders to do a switch in the type of bike that they use. Also, it has been an inspiration for the new cyclists and all those who were thinking of getting a bike for a long time. And nothing beats the health benefits of riding a bike. 

So, if you were wondering what are all those health benefits come from riding an electric bicycle, here is a list that will definitely inspire you to get yourself an e-bike and take care of your health in the best possible way.



Improves the heart health

It is not unknown that cycling and heart health come close together. Furthermore, lots of studies made in this department have shown that there is a connection between regular and improved heart health. The studies conducted on a regular bike have shown that regular cycling to work lowers the risk of premature death by five years. Just cycling and covering a distance of around 30 miles a week is more than enough to significantly lower the risk of heart disease. It is also connected to lowering the risk of cancer and prevents the risk of a heart attack by almost 15 percent too. All of these benefits apply to the E-bike too, especially when it is ridden in the pedal-assisted mode, which then serves as a regular bike. So, weekly and regularly riding an electric bike for 30 miles a week can improve the health and the overall general health too.


Strengthens the cardiovascular system 

Taking cycling with your electric bike just a few times each week can greatly improve cardiovascular performance and general health. Its benefits are similar to riding a regular bike or taking walks. The improvement in the cardiovascular system can be directly seen through the peak oxygen uptake, before and after cycling. That is why cycling is one of the best cardio exercises and it is great for people of all ages and body types. It helps burn calories, keeps the weight under control, builds strength and stamina as well as increases muscle and bone strength. It is considered a low-impact exercise, and it softly presents on the joints, which cannot be said for the hard gym exercises. Cycling does put risk to the joint of serious injuries or sprains, and that is why it is great for the elderly who are experiencing arthritic joints.


Boost the immune system

Living a busy and stressful life poses a great danger to our health, and its first signs can be seen through the weakened immune system. That is why moderate exercise, like regularly riding an E-bike, is highly suggested for adults that are prone to the risk of contracting upper respiratory tract infections. Just 20 minutes of e-bike ride a day is enough to keep the immune system in check and maintain its health levels.


Helps in losing weight 

Taking up regularly cycling on your E-bike can greatly contribute to weight loss. It can also improve general health. Research has shown that effectively riding an E-bike for 45 minutes, two to three times a well can help you lose a pound of fat. Putting the muscles to work benefits the entire body, and by keeping with the regular riding routine, you can keep your weight in check.


Improves sleep

Physical activity is known to have great effects on improving the quality of sleep. Regular exercise, in this case regularly riding an E-bike, can help fight insomnia and produce better sleep. Having regular e-bike rides will help you fall asleep more quickly. Also, it reflects on the quality of sleep which will prevent waking up during the night.


Reduces stress


As mentioned above, stress is one of the most common things that contribute to the deteriorating health of the majority of people. Dealing with stress is best done with taking regular physical exercise, like riding an electricbike. People who regularly exercise do tend to feel better, and that is why the E-bike is an excellent activity to improve their overall well-being. During such an activity the body releases chemicals called neurotransmitters, that are produced in the brain and stimulated during an exercise.


Preserves the mind

Just like the physical benefits to the body, riding an E-bike carries its mental benefits. Riding an E-bike just a few times a week can improve the brain function in people, especially the ones over 50, and reduce the risk of contracting Alzheimer's disease. Also, it can prevent vascular dementia and other diseases associated with age. It is a highly beneficial activity that is encouraged for all different age groups and contributes to preserving the mind and preserving mental health.


Riding an E-bike does have a lot of health benefits, so if you still have not got your E-bike, now is the right time to head to Honbike and make the right choice for your health.


Buying Or Renting? The Benefits of Owning An Electric Bike


Electric bikes are increasingly becoming popular as the day passes. Individuals are getting accustomed to the feel of cycling with much fun and speed and minimal effort and also spiking the service of electric bike rent recently. 

Countries citizens occasionally type phrases about electric bike rental near me on search engine sites. However, there are few benefits you can derive from e-bike rental compared to owning one yourself. Nothing is more desirable than a profitable long-term financial tangible, whether in an electric bike, assets, or ornaments.

If you’re seeking a more unique and green option regarding city transit, electric bicycles are to be considered. They are a valuable investment for providing sustainability during this period and in the coming years.

If you’re just starting with e-bikes, your choices depend on some factors that will be examined in this article and hopefully guide you to select the best choice.


Buying and Renting: How to Choose

Renting an electric bicycle could be the right call when you need to complete an urgent task or for a short period. E-bike rental is quite similar to renting a car whenever needed, just with much less documentation.

When Should You Rent an Electric Bike

When You’re Just Starting Out

Are you unsure how an e-bike feels, then the best thing is to take it for a test run. The electric bike world offers numerous rental options. This allows you to choose what specs and composition you want. Renting is a great way to avoid purchasing when you’re not certain of what you want. 

If You’re Travelling

Travelling by air with your two-wheeler is quite impractical and possibly expensive, thus the next best choice is to rent. Many outlets offer discounts on rentals for an extended time. You can check out their rates and choose your choice.

If You Won’t Bike Frequently

When it isn’t visible to use an E-bike or you wouldn’t actively make use of it, simply rent when needed. Even if you have an essential item, it will eventually be stored in the garage when not utilized occasionally.

When Should You Buy an Electric Bike

When is the right time to go for your excellent and eccentric two-wheelers?

When E-Biking Suits Your Way of Living

If you prefer a green environment, love cycling, or maybe you’ve had some sort of injuries that would inhibit full pedaling, then buying an electric bike is your best bet. Whatever your lifestyle, if an electric bike feels good and makes sense to you, go for it. It will save you a lot of fuel and give you the fun and lifestyle you seek.

When You Know What You Seek in an Electric Bike

Once you have selected the specific style you want out of the numerous styles and features available, it’s time to purchase it. You will not be disappointed if you go for a perfect spec, such as the Honbike HF01, which offers more advanced features and comfortability.

When Acquiring a License is an Issue

An electric bike is a faster option when acquiring a driver’s license. You get to make your transits pending when you get your license.

The Benefits of Having an Electric Bike

Scale back costs

If you utilize the electric bike rather than a motor vehicle, you get to save cash in the long run. Petroleum and diesel are expensive in many countries, and random price spikes can genuinely affect your financial plan. With electric bikes, you can purchase good batteries that can last you 18-50 miles after a full charge, contingent upon your degree of assistance.

They're the Future of City Transit

We have all seen it in science fiction films. Smooth and attractive vehicles, none of which look old, massive, or have planes of smoke coming out the back. E-bikes are headed to being up there with their brilliant features. This will work continuously over the long run.

Numerous countries in Southeast Asia are leading with electric bikes as a sustainable method of transportation. Electric bikes have a significant future with the persistent rise of metropolitan air contamination.

Easy to get one 

Electric bikes are seen as bicycles in certain nations' regulations, so if you detest the whole registration process or get insurance or a plate, an electric bicycle can be a decent decision. You can jump into e-bike online store or cycle shop and buy one today; also, you can get them by clicking here.

Eco Friendly

Environmental changes and climatic temperature alteration are serious issues, and we need to play our part. We may be at the point of no return to save our dying earth from toxic emissions. Electric bikes discharge lower pollution per kilometer than bikes and vehicles. You can help by utilizing an electric bicycle rather than a petroleum or diesel vehicle. They use energy with a typical pace of 100 to 250 watts compared with vehicles which use over 15,000 watts.

Better for Health

Regardless of your fitness level, riding an e-bike is a great way to seamlessly incorporate cardio into your routine. Even in pedal assist mode, you are still using human power to move!

If you want to opt for a more traditional bike workout, you can still use the e-bike in pedal-only mode like a regular bike, without the need for electricity. Plus, no matter where you ride, there's nothing better than a daily workout routine while enjoying the fresh air and beautiful scenery.

Various Design Choices

With technology, everything is practically conceivable, and as the purchase of electric bikes increases, organizations produce an assortment of plans that can meet your desire. However, if you feel that there isn't the ideal one out there at this present moment, you can be almost certain there will be soon or meet the producer for a custom-designed electric bicycle.


Deciding whether to buy or rent an electric bicycle is dependent on many factors. However, with the world's moving toward sustainable transportation, E-bikes are one of the essential transport elements possessed. Contact Honbike for more information regarding e-bike purchases and specifics.

All You Should Know About Chainless E-bikes

All You Should Know About Chainless E-bikes

A chainless bicycle describes a mechanism that operates without using a chain. Chainless bikes have existed as far as a century, but chain e-bikes have always dominated the market. Chainless e-bikes’ popularity can be attributed to the rise in technology. The internal gears have improved operations, making the bikes attractive to more riders. As a result, manufacturing companies like Honbike keep implementing innovative ideas into production.

Components of Chainless E-bikes

The internal gears are a replacement for the metal or chains that should be present in a conventional e-bike. The machine has a bevel gear installed at the rear wheel hub and the torque region. These gears work together to ensure the e-bike can make a 90-degree rotation. The components of chainless e-bikes are contained in an aluminum protector to prevent them from other elements of the e-bike.

There are two main types of chainless e-bikes: shaft drive systems and belt drive bicycles. The former uses a shaft, which is further explained as you read further. On the other hand, the belt-drive system has a belt that replaces the chain functions. The power operations take place through the crankset and rear-wheel region.


History of the Chainless Shaft Drive System

The history of the shaft drive system started in England and the United States. In past years, the shaft drive system was commonly used in automotive until its adoption in bikes. The first patent was also recorded in North London in 1891. This patent was filed by Walter Stillman, which was later granted after a thorough examination. Hence, the existence of chainless shafts today results from deliberate analysis and scientific proof of authenticity. However, the chainless drive system did not receive full support while launched in England. The colonel pope purchased a full human right to the technological system in the USA. 

The chainless bike received aggressive marketing in Columbia in 1897. The high cost of production may have contributed to this hindrance.The Evolution of BicyclesBicycles are standard products in the transport industry that have experienced constant evolution. The mechanical parts of bicycles are advancing, leading to the chainless versions. The industry welcomed the first chainless e-bike in the 1800s. However, the initial versions required a great deal of human effort before starting.

At the end months of the 1900s, engineers introduced the first sets of shaft e-bikes. However, these bicycles had one gear and were not as effective as expected. By 2000, engineers built more shaft features with two gears. This made it easier for cyclists to ride conveniently. Meanwhile, Honbike has created more advanced shaft drive components with up to three gears.

How the Chainless Bicycle Works

A chainless shaft bicycle is a pretty mechanical design. The shaft rod, gears, and bearings are responsible for transferring power from the pedals to the rear wheel. This process occurs smoothly, without leaving a rider to bother about greasy and messy chains. It also eases the work of electric bike repairs as they dismantle the machine components.The chainless drive system works by converting mechanical energy into electrical energy. The battery then serves as a reserve for extra energy generated during this process. It has an interface unit and hubu motor that optimize the e-bike working mechanism. The chainless e-bike also has an electronic control unit incorporated with the machine sensors.

This feature is also found in many modern cars. Honbike designs its chainless e-bikes to create a chance for freight. This means it can serve logistic purposes, apart from commuting from one place to another.Since there are no chains here, an e-bike works through the shafts attached to ceramic bearings. The shafts are located at the rear region and toothed wheel. This system automatically reduces the friction experienced in chain e-bikes by about 50%. Chains do not move against one another, reducing friction and the potential noise released into the environment. The chainless drive system needs lubrication or grease to ensure a smooth movement. The e-bikes are highly reliable, with the two rollers installed therein.

Benefits of Chainless Bicycles

One of the top benefits of a chainless bicycle is its lightweight and flexibility. The absence of derailleurs and chains makes it easy to move a chainless bicycle around. This helps people commute better while driving the bike to their workspace. Also, chainless electric bicycles with foldable design contribute to the flexibility of this version of the e-bike. You will likely experience jamming with a chainless bicycle, which is a common problem with chain e-bikes. 

A chainless bike also saves a higher percentage of energy than a chained bicycle, reaching 22%. This is a massive contribution to society, protecting the green environment. Hence, the government and activists encourage more people to switch to chainless bicycles. As a result, some incentives and grants contribute to the cause. An individual is allowed to rent an e-bike if there is not enough money to make a purchase. You can also do a test run while renting a cashless e-bike, just as when you buy one.

Chainfree Electric Bicycle vs. Chain E-bikes

Chainless electric bicycles and chain e-bikes may appear the same as the physical ones, but they have various features and perform differently. Chainless bicycles have a higher degree of efficiency and cost of production than chain e-bikes, the higher value also implies the reason why chainless bicycles usually are more expensive.

Contrary to chain e-bikes, chainless bicycles are cleaner, posing no pollution threat to society. There will be no dirt emissions while riding as long as you apply lubricant to your chainless e-bike. Since no chains cause frequent wear and tear, chainless bicycles last longer than chain bicycles. Also, a chainless bicycle fits into diverse weather conditions, especially on muddy terrain. There is no extra weight holding off the bike, which will make it move on rough terrain freely.


Riders have been transferring power in e-bikes through chains for a long time now. However, the introduction of chainless bicycles made riders realize the need for an upgrade. Many cyclists choose chainless bikes today, even though the high price seems to be a limitation. Nevertheless, manufacturers keep producing e-bike models with diverse costs to suit various needs. Honbike is one of the best chainless ebike supplier,  with patented shaft drive and smart drive technology, you will get chainless electric bicycle at a reasonable price.

How the Electric Bike Is Changing City Travel


Electric bikes are currently encompassing the world. They are in vogue and ultimately for good reasons. They are gaining more recognition among road users, offering tremendous benefits and gradually replacing the traditional road bike. Even in towns and cities where cycling is less prevalent, there have been considerable surges in biking due to E-bikes.

Electric bicycles were previously designed for adult commuters, but a younger generation embraces this innovative technology. For years, individuals weren’t attaching much value to bicycles, seeing them as a necessity and not a luxury; however, electric bikes are now taking over the market with renewed popularity.

In addition, e-bikes have been revolutionalized and are already changing city travel globally. With the enhancement in technologies and supporting laws enacted to legalize them for operation on roads, E-bikes are gradually becoming a state-of-the-art means of transportation. 

This article will examine various trends depicting how they are changing city travel and provide you with bike options to consider for commuting with fun and ease.



Decrease In Cars and Public Transit Usage

The electric bike offers pedaling and other forms of assistance that allow riders to travel longer distances with minimal effort. Compared to normal bikes, they have effectively gotten people to switch from driving to pedal-assisted cycling. 

For instance, employees who need to travel some kilometers to the office wouldn’t consider cycling so they won’t get sweaty and stressed. Also, there is the tendency they would need to carry their gadgets bags and shop for a few necessities before heading home. These scenarios invariably make cycling a massive task in itself.

However, electric bikes have replaced these arduous processes with unique storage features and pace that offer much distance coverage and do not depend on the commuter's level of fitness. They serve as a desirable, efficient, and easy alternative to many individuals who fancy a green environment but want something that won’t be inconvenient. This has decreased the number of cars plying the road and public transit in many cities. 

Lower Pollution

In cities, carbon monoxide comes from transportation and other industrial activities. The emission of this smog is injurious to health and is the primary catalyst of the greenhouse effect. This has caused the governments of different countries to embrace a more unique and different approach toward a green and sustainable economy.

Here’s where the E-bikes come in. E-bikes are battery-operated two-wheelers that do not emit fumes and require minimal energy production, transport, and use. They are an excellent choice for a green environment and are now being embraced by countries worldwide.

Less Congestion

The popularity of electric bike usage has seen city streets become less congested. There are now fewer cars on the roads, buses and train stations are becoming less crowded and comfortable for commuters who cannot or do not travel on two-wheelers.

Some cities are now experiencing free traffic flow and relief from the strained transit systems. Although, there have been some legitimate agitations that the increase in electric bike usage could affect other means of transportation, including public transit ticketing, thus reducing demand and funding.

These concerns are valid as the transit system is crucial in the evolution toward a green and sustainable transportation system and has been providing accessibility for the old and people with disabilities. However, in the European cities where more than half of the populace commutes by bus and rail, electric bikes are providing an evident relief to these exhaustive transit systems.

Inspire Modern Cycling Infrastructure

The rise in E-bikes has shaped the design of country lanes and has also inspired the design of modern cycling infrastructure. Bike paths, corrals, and lanes are now being constructed as more individuals take to electric bikes. 

Electric Bike Increases Cities Accessibility

While the discussion of electric bikes frequently comes down to contamination and metropolitan clog, they give financial advantages to low-income areas. People who can't bear the cost of a vehicle face further financial restrictions as they can only look for work within a small radius. The introduction of the electric bicycle comes with a wave of opportunities.

Past economic difficulties, electronic bikes enable the accessibility of two-wheeled transportation to those with physical limitations and older adults. The utilization of an electric road bicycle accompanies specific fitness requirements. Nonetheless, it is a genuine choice for a more extensive range of individuals.

Electric Bike to Consider for Commuting Expertly With Fun and Ease

It's one thing to travel on an E-bike that gets you to your destination but leaves you feeling stressed and worn out, and it's another to commute on an electric bike that gives you much comfort, fun, and ease.

When selecting an electric bike, there are various features you need to consider, from the battery power to the shaft, wheel texture, pedal-assist technology, and sensors. All these features guarantee a fantastic experience for riders of any kind of terrain. Here's when the Honbike HF01 comes to play.

The Honbike HF01 is a modern innovative E-bike design that uses a patented shaft drive system to offer a chain-free cycling experience. When commuting, you do not have to worry about chain break, chain off, and grease. 

Compared to the conventional electric bike with above 250 parts, HF01 has only 57. It can be assembled and replaced with ease, saving you lots of energy from the point of purchase to transporting it to your abode.

Also, this chainless e-bike is engineered with a foldable design that lets you fold it in simple steps. Its portability allows you to easily store it perfectly and carry it along on any travel expeditions.

This design brings a new definition to cycling and gives commuters a trouble-free city trip with electric bikes.


The rise in electric bike commuters has seen some countries embracing its use towards a green environment. E-bikes are reshaping the transit system and could be the future of transportation in the coming years.